Travel on a Budget

Travel on a Budget

Travel on a budget: London Liverpool Manchester and Birmingham

Some may think traveling on a budget and visiting cities such as London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham is a sort of a mission impossible. Actually, if you plan everything ahead, keep things easy, practical and authentic you are going to live the best experience of your life saving a lot of money! Today we are going to show you how you can travel these amazing UK cities and make the most of it!

Your stay at a hostel to save money and enrich your cultural background

Even if a lot of people think hostels are not that good and not perfect to suits everybody requests and needs there is something you know about it before booking your hotel for your next uk experience!

Hostels are the cheapest accommodation solution: a night in a hostel will not cost you more than fifteen pounds (including breakfast). The comparison with a double for single use or a single room does not hold up. In addition you will have free wi-fi (at least in the common areas), Internet point available, breakfast buffet, maybe even a common kitchen, a small library, a living room with TV and so on. Not bad, right?

Dream Hostel Trip Think Hostel

They have different possibilities of accommodation: the same dorms can be very different from hostel or hostel. There are mixed or separate dormitories for men and women and with variable capacity: there are dorms even for 5-6 people or 20-30 dormitories. In addition – hearing – more and more often there are hostels that also offer double rooms as an alternative to dorms.

Hostel Private Dorm on Think Hostel

They are an excellent opportunity to with people from all over the world: sharing the same spaces predisposes you to interface with others. It may happen to share the room with people from all over the world, with whom to meet and make friends. This is going to change you in a deeper more intimate way and it will enrich your cultural background for sure!

Another big plus? They are almost always in the city center, in optimal positions: the hostels are hardly on the outskirts or far from the center. They are located in strategic points of the city, perhaps within historic buildings or close to major attractions of the city, close to restaurants and shops. This way you can save money further: you save on travel.


Eat Typical and Connect with the Locals

Personally I sometimes like to give myself a good dinner, but to stay in my budget you have to know how to balance.

– have lunch with a set menu, they usually offer a good quantity and quality at a reasonable price, and allow you to be less hungry in the evening

– eat where the locals eat, the locals know where the best food is, often on the street, on banquets or in the markets.

Hostel Social BBQ connect with locals

– do the shopping and cook in the hostel or at home of those who host you, go to the market in my opinion is the best way to really know how you live in a place, discover the typical dishes, talk with old ladies and ask for recipes.

As for things to do, talk to the people, try to share the excursions, follow all the free city tours and have fun!


Don’t Forget the Nightlife

Your UK travel experience won’t be complete if you don’t spend a night out between pubs, bars and clubs! We highly recommend you to ask locals which are the best places to make the most of this experience and avoid expensive and low quality service tourist traps that are basically all over the places!

City Nightlife Hostel Adventure

Connect and Explore!

No matter what kind of travel experience you want to live, you just have to connect to live it in an authentic and typical way. You can easily connect with people in your dorm and organise together a well-planned itinerary to explore the cities’ highlights in a proper and convenient way! Remember to always book in advance the most touristic attractions to save money and jump the long line and, most of all, to always look for free walking tour all over the cities! These are so good to optimise your time and your experience living your exploration from a unique perspective!

hostel tourists explore

A Traveller Poem by: “”.

A place where we learn, lot of things and how to conduct ourselves. We are not alone or lonely, more students to give company and love.

Far away from parents, feel home sick, nothing to be worried of. Don’t understand anything, the teachers will help.

Make us study well and learn how to stand on our own legs.

It is a home away from home.

So keep travelling and If you want to learn something more about these cities and you are craving for more info about the best places where to eat and where to go to keep it real and authentic visit our website and you won’t regret it, theres lots more in our blog!



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