Travel Experts Reveal 10 Ways To Save On Hawaii Travel

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Travel Experts Reveal 10 Ways To Save On Hawaii Travel

Hawaii is a wonderful travel destination but it is so common to get scared of the huge amount of money you could spend in this heaven on earth destination!

In this article, I aim to prove this misconception wrong, offering some travel expert “10 ways to save on a Hawaiian Travel” trip! Let’s get into facts straight away: below I list some tips on how to organize a low-cost trip to Hawaii. Specifically how to save once you get there. I actually found cheap flights on momondo, if you click the link on the right or below then the site receives a small percents of the affiliate fee for flights booked, which goes towards the running of the blog.


So I’ll tell you how to move without spending a fortune, where to eat saving on price but not always on quality, it’s an expensive set of islands, which events and festivities take part at no cost and many other things.

First of all, to visit the island you do not need to hire a car but a dollar car hire is the cheapest. The bus service is excellent and fast. It takes you from the airport to Waikiki beach zone, the island’s most famous beach, the beating heart of Honolulu. Furthermore, a number of local buses can take you to all the most important destinations. Avoid the bikes too: they cost too much, like renting any vehicle but if you have the budget for $30-100 per day then it’s well worth the hire and freedom.


Forget about luxury restaurants and a must try Helena Hawaiian Foods and jokes for tourists (submarine tours, acrobatic surfing lessons, improvised Hula shows). Focus instead on the local culture, the authentic culture of native Hawaiians, grandchildren of the ancient Polynesian islands and the splendid nature of these dreamy cross windblown islands. This is the best thing you can do to keep it low-cost and, most of all, to keep it real and authentic. Yes, because Hawaii besides its beaches has so much to offer to its visitors related to local culture, history, lifestyle and water sports.

Three “must-do”: the beautiful Polynesian culture center and museum (the ancestors of the Hawaiians), the Bishop Museum, where to know art, traditions, movements of this incredible people that have crossed the Pacific far and wide, with much more modest boats of the Columbus’ ships and the Northern Shore, with its beaches little beaten by tourists.

polynesian culture

If you are passionate about history, the Pearl Harbor site and the USS Bowfin Submarine are definitely something you cannot miss. Admission to the performances and the memorial is free. While paying – and handsomely – the visit to the naval station and the USS Arizona, one of the symbol ships destroyed during “Operation Z”, when for the first time the US found themselves on their knees. Look sideways at the smug last generation Japanese who visit the site but the new youth understand it was a time of survival and he who got the advance first.

If there is an expense that you cannot give up is to take a swim with the dolphins along the northern coasts of Ohau. Beware of companies that take you by boat and do not dive into the sea (for that ask for an extra) or scoundrels who have no respect for the animals and the coral reef. The only result will be that you have thrown a lot of money and seen only a few turtles from afar. But there are companies like Sail Hawaii that know how to do their job professionally: respect for the environment, knowledge of animals, scientific expertise and good organization of the trip. It costs a little more than other tours: but this will be the only non-low-cost experience. Aloha!

northern coasts of Ohau

Hawaii sunrise tour is the best way to go for some mind-blowing experience keeping things low cost but as beautiful as possible. Sunrise in Hawaii is some of those things you won’t easily forget!
Who said you need to go to an expensive resort to make the most of your time in Hawaii? Relying on something like Waikiki Beachside Hostel will make you save a lot of money but, most of all, it would even give you the chance to have some fun in a fresh young and multicultural experience.
The District Nightclub is worth the visit for some interesting fun and entertainment. This area will give you a glimpse into the beautiful scenarios at nightlife between music, dance and, of course, drinks!
For the food we can make two separate speeches: you can opt for cheap restaurants or throw yourself directly on the street food! Obviously, the Hawaiian culinary panorama is really very varied, not only in terms of flavours but also in terms of prices.

Speaking of street food, we recommend the North Shore vans-bars. This stretch of coast, especially loved by surfers and reachable by bus service that we talked about a moment ago, is a real paradise for street food.

The vans sell everything and at bargain prices: huge fried shrimp dishes at $ 12, fruit salads, ice creams and desserts to be consumed in cheap plastic dishes sitting on the beach or on the benches of the promenade.


If you want to keep things authentic but you don’t want to spend a lot of money in one of those fancy restaurants that are nothing more than a touristic traps you should totally get to Helena Hawaiian Foods with fixed menus, a tons of options and a lot of history, this place is an amazing option to eat typical and low-cost. Helena’s Hawaiian Food was started by “Popo” Helena Chock over 60 years ago and it is one of Hawaii few restaurants to be honoured with the James Beard Foundation’s Regional Classics Restaurant Award in 2000.
Now let’s talk about the most interesting experiences that can be done in Hawaii without spending a dollar.

First of all, let’s start with some musical lessons: there is a place in O’ahu where you can attend ukulele lessons without having to pay for them. We are talking about the Ukulele Puapua, in Waikiki. The ukulele is the musical instrument that symbolizes these islands and made its appearance here in the nineteenth century, introduced by some Portuguese luthiers so this is definitely something you should try to live like a local and discover culture and habits of this amazing people.

Ukulele Puapua

Another activity that I recommend is to visit the sets of some of the movies and TV series that have made the history of the big and small screen.

How, did not you know that in Hawaii they filmed Jurassic Park, Lost, Pearl Harbor and many other films and TV series?!?!

In the North Shore, you will find the beaches that have been the setting for the first two seasons of Lost, while in the Ka’a’awa Valley the beautiful wild landscapes have set the scene at Jurassic Park, 50 times the first kiss and The Big Joe.

In short, even from this point of view, these islands cannot be underestimated. Finally, if you love hiking and nature tourism, we recommend you visit some of the archipelago’s most beautiful nature reserves.

On all, we recommend the Haleakala National Park and the Maui and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, both milestones in the conservation of the environment in the American continent. These parks have recently celebrated 100 years since its foundation and preserve unique and incredible environments, especially the latter, famous for its volcanic landscapes and lava flows always active.

Haleakala National Park

These were just a few ideas on how to organize a trip to Hawaii without spending too much but staying on a budget still keeping things real and authentic! Always remember that travelling does not necessarily mean spending huge amounts of money; in this case, with an average economic effort, you can win a corner of paradise.

So here it is how to organize an incredible and special trip to the other side of the world, in one of the most famous terrestrial paradises in the world, Hawaii. I hope you enjoyed it!

Kyle Mahoney Contributor
A digital nomad, love blogging around the world as we do, sharing stories, media content that I hope inspires you to get into traveling more or start your own blog. Either way, I want to meet more crazy travel heads and learn from the many I meet on this fine journey of life. Excited to wake, knowing I’m going to meet you, yes you hahaha and create more experiences from food to extreme sports or mad nightlife that keeps us all awake to the late hours of the morning and then…. we do it again.
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Kyle Mahoney Contributor
A digital nomad, love blogging around the world as we do, sharing stories, media content that I hope inspires you to get into traveling more or start your own blog. Either way, I want to meet more crazy travel heads and learn from the many I meet on this fine journey of life. Excited to wake, knowing I’m going to meet you, yes you hahaha and create more experiences from food to extreme sports or mad nightlife that keeps us all awake to the late hours of the morning and then…. we do it again.
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  • Russel



    Hawaii is no doubt a heaven on earth. But this destination is very costly. Thanks for sharing these tips to save our money!

  • itravel



    Believe or not, Hawaii is too much costly travel destination. Wish you could have posted these tips earlier, so that I might have saved few bucks!

  • Levy



    There are always multiple ways to travel certain destination. One way, you can spend as much as if you can afford otherwise you need to plan it properly if you want to save the money. This is up to you.

  • active life

    active life


    @Russel, had you planned your trip properly? Did you consult someone before starting? Hawaii is costly, but still you can do much to save the extra expanses.

  • D Moore

    D Moore


    Oh man! you saved me. I was planning for a 10 days trip to Hawaii during upcoming summer holidays. I will definitely follow your tips Thanks!

  • Jake



    Great tips! I had a question. We are trying to fly out of Atlanta to Hawaii from the Korean Air website. However, I keep tripping over this same message:….”The same region cannot be selected as airports for departure and arrival.” Do you have any suggestions? thx!

  • Henry



    Great video, however this wouldn’t work for me with small children. Wish I would have thought of this when I was single.

  • Victor



    thanks for the tips. it blows my mind that others cant see the benefits of camping and hostels while traveling.

  • Riley



    Awwww. I really want to go to Hawaii. Thank you for this.

  • Ashton



    Thank you i hope so too,and thanks for putting up a really excellent video I will definitely take your advise,take care and God bless be safe

  • Patrick



    I heard it is not safe to camp there and that the locals really not like like tourists and are not wanted there

  • Brady



    How are the locals there? Is there any concerns about locals having problems with mainlanders? Heard some stuff in the past but just want to get your take on it thanks!

  • johnbelley



    I’ve been to Hawai twice and its my favorite island, amazing people and food, with great scenery

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