Things to do in Oahu, Hawaii 2019

Things to do in Oahu, Hawaii 2019

Things to do in Oahu, Hawaii 2019


There are many things to make your vacation worthwhile in Hawaii. Oahu has a lot to offer from its beautiful sandy beaches, fun activities, and spectacular scenes to enjoy. The sunrise tour is one of the most exciting things to do here. It takes you through amazing Oahu attractions and scenes such as splashing waves, tide pools in several locations of well-worn traveller path to experience authentic Hawaii.

Here are some of the best things you can do in Ohau

Sunrise Tour

The Hawaii Sunrise Tour takes you to the best Hawaii attractions you will ever experience here. You will have a chance to capture the splashing waves from the best position, tide pools, and the new morning sun. The secret spots on the Island include a 2.5 million year volcanic mountain range at Ko’olau. You will be seeing rare species of trees, unique temple designs, tropical bamboo forests, outside of the white sandy beach. These are only some of the Oahu things to do.

sunrise tour

The tour is designed by local photographers and naturalists who love to share the hidden places you might not get to see without help. The staff consists of professionals and experienced photography teachers. They offer their pro photo tips whether you are using a mobile phone, point and shoot or DSLR. They appreciate the uniqueness of the locations and are happy to offer their non-technical hands for whoever is ready to learn and take home the best memories of their Hawaii vacation. With their help, you will capture the most stunning images for your trip, especially for landscape photography lovers. Everyone loves a good photo to keep for their memory and these professionals are suited for this task. The dramatic lights will make the most out of your tour.

This is the best of the available options for Hawaii excursions because you have a chance to see the most places only the locals know about. The locations for the photos are subject to change due to variation in the Hawaii weather too. This means that the places you visit depend on the seasons you choose to arrive. You will, however, be sure to get the best spots for the day in that season. For example, since there is a high amount of rainfall during some seasons forcing the entire tour to be cancelled. It is often light sprinkles, though. Beware that the tours are limited to a maximum of 7 adults and children aged above 10 years. Be ready for light walking for your Hawaii all-inclusive tour. If you have physical challenges, it would be important to notify us in advance. Wheelchairs, scooters, or vans are special cases we can take into consideration for a private tour.

ohhcouture hawaii

Wet’n Wild Hawaii Amusement Park

This is Oahu’s most visited location and popular among the Hawaiian Islands. It is an undeniable family attraction to check out for any time. It is situated in Kapolei, which is Oahu’s second city. Wet’n wild amusement park features more than25 unique attractions on its 29-acre tropical landscape and natural cliffs. If you want to pump your adrenaline in the most thrilling slides such as the Shaka, you can have your fun activity for as long as you want. Guests can plunge down 36 feet or a near-vertical drop into a u-shaped slide to experience the rare zero-gravity sensation. Another activity is the Tornado where you get catapulted on a 45-foot swirling funnel into the eye of the storm and then to calmer waters.

Wet’n Wild Hawaii Amusement Park

This park also features other family attractions such as water world playground, which is where kids would spend all day. It has the exciting dumping buckets, kid-friendly slides, and interactive water cannons among other exciting kid activities. You also have another alternative at Hawaii waters, which is a 400,000-gallon wave pool where you can bodyboard on machine-generated waves. There are more activities for adrenaline addicts you will have to plan another visit to come back for more. You cannot simply have enough of these activities so come prepared for as much as you can.

You know you will be expecting lots of sunshine in summer in Hawaii so be ready for as many outdoor activities as possible. You have a chance to enjoy surfing, riding turbulences, and slides without putting you to the real danger of the sea. You will surely get your feet wet and your heart thumping hard thanks to the numerous family activities and attractions for people of all ages. Children will definitely love the water world playground as well as the giant wave pool. Of the 25 attractions, here are the best ones:

  • Cutter’s Island: the perfect way for adults to unwind in a hot tub or cool plunge pool
  • Da Flowrider: this one lets you get your surf on with 40-foot continuous waves
  • Hawaiian Waters: A massive wave pool with over 400,000 gallons, where after dark on Fridays you can relax and watch “Dive’n’Movies”
  • Kapolei Kooler: lie back in a tube and relax in the cool water of an 800-foot river with the tropical gardens surrounding
  • Shaka: the wet and dry combination of water spray jetting to give a friction-free surface for the giant U-shaped slides to slide to the bottom, you will race as fast as 31 miles per hour in forward and reverse motion too.
  • Tornado: Catapult up to 50 feet through the air into a 130-foot tunnel before plummeting into the eye of the storm and then released back into the calm shallows below for an all-exciting time.

You should always prepare by carrying along your swimsuit. However, if you somehow found yourself in Hawaii without this, you can select from a wide selection of surf and swimwear on Oahu’s west side. Find the best-organized Oahu trip such as the Go Oahu card to maximum savings, flexibility, and fun activities.

The Honolulu Zoo

Since 1877, the Honolulu zoo has grown into an important part in a tourist’s list of Hawaii events. Originally, this was an exotic bird collection with over 1,200 animals including rare and endangered species. There are colourful flamingos to welcome you here just as you enter the grounds of the Honolulu Zoo. There are over 160 species of tropical birds showing off their bright plumage. You can continue for other close encounters with impressive giant reptile such as the Komodo dragons, crocodiles, and Iguanas. Other huge animals include giraffes, meerkats, Cheetahs, and aardvarks.

honolulu zoo

This is a 42-acre park divided into three areas; the Pacific island, the Tropical Forests, and the African Savannah. It is home to over 250 Hawaii animals and bird species where they enjoy areas that replicate their natural habitats. Since you are exposed to the wild, be careful about meeting some stray animals such as the notorious nene (local goose) and the rare Galapagos tortoise. Most tourists are attracted by the Asian elephant among other many flowers collected from around the island. The central area of the zoo allows interaction with the animals so the kids can have a close encounter with their favourites. The wide variety exposes them to the ever-popular tiger, Ilamas, pot-bellied pigs, and many other species. You can bring in your own food into the zoo as well as alcoholic drinks. You may also buy lunch here at the kapakhulu market for local cuisines. Buying drinks here entitles you to free refills for the duration of the visit thanks to the Oahu breweries offers.

The best months to visit in summer are between June and August because there are many concert series featuring local and international musicians. Teenagers can have the treat of their life during vacation so check early for the schedule before planning your visit.

  1. Waimanalo: the most beautiful beach in Hawaii

Wainamo is directly translated as ‘portable water’. The beautiful white sandy beach stretches the entire eastern shore of Oahu’s. It is considered the most amazing among all of Hawaii beaches. It begins at the edge, which is a port for steamers and boats surrounding the island with rustic networks. The 1921 Presidential Executive Order led to the division into 38 sections of land put aside for open utility. Eventually, it developed into the current Walmanalao Beach Park. For the years that followed, the place transformed into a 75-section piece. The long Walnamanalo beach is part of the massive Walmanalo Bay Recreation area. Tourists and locals compete to occupy this area for sunbathing and swimming. You may also make use of the athletic fields inside the recreation area, which is always active in use.

Waimanalo the most beautiful beach in Hawaii

The beach was classified as a Class A Zone. This means it has the best quality of waters for the widest range of activities with no perilous risks to swimmers and surfers. The waters clean up against the shore are best for bodysurfing, boggle boarding, angling, swimming, and all water exercises. The sandy shoreline tenderly slants into the sea giving the travellers the perfect place for picnicking and all outdoor activities. There are bathrooms, showers; open telephones, eating areas, free stopping, and lifeguards to ensure you can spend all your day here until well into the night. This does not mean it is completely so safe so watch out for the clues of the worsening condition in the sea. It can turn out hazardous at times so take precautions and be smart enough to watch out especially for the caution signs, banners, and postings.

The increased and persistent visitors have caused a town to emerge and grow fast. It is named after the popular beach but was once a part of the Walmanalo Sugar plantation under the jurisdiction of John Cummins (who was Thomas Jefferson’s son). The area of consumable water was once occupied by local Hawaiian agriculturalists, who were joined by the relatives of Polynesian and Tahitian pioneers. The ranch pulled in merchants, foreign workers, railroad dealers, and evangelists who became settlers mixing with the local tribes.

  1. Lanikai Beach

Kilua Oahu is home to Lanikai beach, which is considered the loveliest shoreline not only in Oahu but the entire world. It combines its fine white sand, clear water, and extraordinary views with minimal danger to surfers. This is the prioritized place to visit if you want a delightful shoreline for a memorable landscape. It is on the edge of east Oahu Island quite a distant drive from Waikiki but worth the wait and effort. You will need Oahu car rental services to complete this journey. Luckily, they are affordable, well maintained and standard vehicles. Strolling on this beach will expose your feet to its delicate and agreeable fine sand. Although there are a few harsh rocks, there is enough space for tourists to make best snapshots and unwind. The shoreline is also devoid of huge waves for amateur surfers to make the most use of their learning time. The experienced surfers are conspicuously absent.

  1. Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach

The name Waikiki implies the gushing waters as a recognition of the numerous streams and springs, which once streamed into the zone. Waikiki beach stands out of the rest of shorelines on earth. It stretches 2 miles combining white sand and calm turquoise blue sea with elevated structures and resorts beautifully completing the backdrop. This is the south shore with Ohau best restaurants and the most luxurious hotels such as Hilton Hawaiian Village. This should be the goal of every tourist thinking of having the most fun and relax in Oahu.


There are many things to do in Oahu if you make the necessary preparation from Oahu boat cruises to Oahu camping. Many tourists have delightful testimonials about their experience. Luckily, there are reliable professional services to help you get to the best places and find the cheapest prices. This means you need to consult extensively before embarking on the visit. There is a lot to learn here in Hawaii if you spare the time to lean and depend on some help. Hawaii airbnb is a stable reliable too. The information should help you get the most out of your next visit to the island.

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