Free Things To Do In London

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Free Things To Do In London

Free things to do in London

Do not you even consider London as a destination because it’s so expensive? We always did that until we discovered that you can do a lot of things for free in London! A city trip to London does not have to be expensive. Also in the area of London hotels, you can save a lot by paying careful attention to offers, compare prices on the web. Also, if you choose a hotel that is not in the immediate centre of the city that is almost for free.

First of all, it is often possible to book tickets and excursions beforehand by booking online so that you do not have to pay a higher price at the checkout. In addition, you avoid waiting in line for the checkout. Secondly, there are many sights to visit in London and activities that cost nothing at all! We have listed the best free activities in London below for you:

  1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is located right in the center of the city and is one of the eight royal parks in London. You will always have something useful to do here, but also for a quiet walk along the water the park is very suitable. Or feed the squirrels that often live in the park and are used to people. Hyde Park is particularly busy at the weekend when the Londoners also spend their free time in the park.

  1. The flea market on Flat Iron Square

Every Sunday there is a nice flea market on Flat Iron Square. On the market, you will find almost everything in the field of antiques, clothing, books, and jewelry. This is a pleasant market to visit once for an hour or two even if you don’t necessarily need something from home.

  1. King’s Cross Station

At a station, you might not think so soon of a landmark, but that’s the King’s Cross Station. If you are a fan of Harry Potter’s books and films, you will love the cross station. The station gained its fame through the wizard’s son’s books and films. In honor of this brand awareness, you can see the King’s Cross station on the photo on the platform 9 3/4 with a trolley disappearing halfway into the wall. Tip from our side, come in at 8 o’clock or in the evening, then the professional photographers who want to put you in the picture have disappeared.


  1. Natural History Museum

Many museums in London are free to visit, as is the Natural History Museum on Cromwell Road, just a few steps from Harrods and Hyde Park. Every year more than 5 million visit Britain’s largest natural history museum. The Natural History Museum, together with the Muséum national d’histoire Naturelle in France and the National Museum of Natural History in the USA, these museums with the largest natural history collections in the world. For this reason alone, the museum is an ideal place for a fun free day out.



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  1. British Library

This happens to be one of the largest libraries in the world, with a total of 150 million documents and books in the library. The interior is impressive to see, walls of books, a large dome-shaped reading hall, and a serene atmosphere allow you to enjoy your hours in this special library. The library itself is free to visit, if you want a tour through the special building, you have to pay.

  1. Graffiti in Shoreditch

Shoreditch district is located in east London and is renowned for its beautiful street art. A lot of locations in the neighborhood, you can admire gorgeous street art paintings that regularly change, making no two visits the same. In addition to all the colorful graffiti, you will find several hip concept stores and nice shops in the area. The entire neighborhood provides a cozy village feel that contrasts with the hectic downtown of London. On Sundays, the narrow streets of the hip district are filled by market merchants, and the residents roll out their .

  1. V & A Museum of Childhood

The V & A Museum of Childhood is renowned for the world’s toughest museum, and that is precisely the purpose of the Museum of Childhood. In the museum, you will find not only a giant collection of antique toys such as Lego, board games, toy cars and doll houses, but children can also enjoy it. The museum may be one of the most original free things you can do in London. This is a museum where young and old enjoy a lot of fun.

  1. Free city walk

Of course, you can make a city walk along the sights in London, but it is much more fun to walk around by locals! The New London Tour makes a free stroll along the Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. The tour starts at 11:00 every day and at 14:00 at Covent Garden, outside of the Apple Store.


  1. Guidelines by the house or parliament

You can visit the Houses of Parliament with the famous Big Ben for free! You need some networking, but you can get a free tour through a parliamentarian. You’ll get a lot of money!

  1. Lunch at Borough Market


Borough Market

Okay, you just have to pay your lunch, but that’s a lot cheaper on the Borough Market. The atmosphere is top, and you have an affordable lunch or even breakfast. You bring your food to the Thames, and you have another great view too! Open from Thursday to Saturday.

  1. Street art in South London


The south of London is the place to be for art lovers. Check out the galleries, museums, and exhibitions on this site. On the street you also find a lot of street art, so that can be a nice alternative if the sun shines!

  1. A Visit to the BBC

Are you such a fan of shows on BBC? That is convenient! Can you now be a spectator at one of the shows and the most beautiful? It’s completely free! Check the BBC site to see what shows are being recorded and make sure you’re there!


  1. The best view over London

Of course, London from the London Eye is fantastic, but you can also watch the city for free. That can be from Primrose Hill. The hill is eighty feet high. You get there by subway, get off at Camden Town. Once above you have a panoramic view of the city!

  1. Search for old Taxes

We found the search for old treasures one of the nicest things to do. If it’s ebb, you can walk along the banks of the Thames to look for objects. You’ll find everything! Please take old shoes. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter the plane again!


  1. Run over the Tower Bridge

tower bridge

You can see the bridge from the inside, but it costs money. The bridge is, of course, quite accessible so that you can walk over it! The most beautiful place to photograph the bridge is from the panoramic terrace at Monument Street, the Butler Wharf or from the HMS Belfast boat.

Free nights in London

The trip to London costs money. You save money by booking your flight ticket very early. Overnight in London is also very expensive. But outside of the city center, London is very expensive. There are also possibilities to stay for free in London! And few of those ideas are given in the list of the free things to do above.

10 free things of london
10 free things of london

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