Things to Do in Barcelona

Things to Do in Barcelona


Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city that always manages to amaze us and fellow travellers, this city ensures we fall in love with it at first sight and everything it has to offer. Once you arrive for the first time, you’ll simply want to plan a return visit, well I speak for our team that visited “😊haha😊”. Theres sun, the sea, the people in the street at all hours, but most of all the monuments and the many points of interest make it without doubt one of the most attractive cities in Europe and of Spain on a whole.

If you are in the city for just one day you should totally go for a tour to marvel the main attractions related to art, history and Spanish culture such as a Gaudi Tour visiting Sagrada Familia, Parc Gruel,Casa Battlò and Casa Mirò, you’ll have an experience of the colourful, meaningful and mysterious architecture of the artistic scene whilst there.


If you have more days in the city and on a budget, then consider the Gaudi Tour as your starting point to make the most of your spanish Barcelona city visit.  We enjoy the morning stroll through one of the most famous streets in the world: La Rambla  and then let’s get lost in the streets of the Gothic quarter, admire its churches and take a break in the reflection of Sant Felipe Neri. If you want a cerveza, let’s go to a favorite bar: the Bar Jardì. It is located in carrer Portaferrissa 17, outside the door is a camel to indicate it to the bar. It is a hidden oasis and well worth the visit for every traveller seeking something new and different.


It’s time to wander the Gothic Quarter along the Port Vell (Old Port). During this journey we will pass the Statue of Columbus, the giant crab and hundreds of boats moored in a row. In half an hour we will be in the historic Barceloneta district; once inhabited exclusively by sailors, it now presents an exotic tourist / popular mix.


If we do not want to make it on foot, from the Rambla we can take the bus 59, which will leave us at the beach for some relaxing time. Our recommendation is not to just walk around the busy areas of Barceloneta but also to discover the inner alleyways, where the elders get air with a chair outside the house and young people gather in the typical bars of the area. Let’s take all the time necessary to get back to the beach again. If you want a drink, best known spritza… there’s the Santa Marta bar in the Carrer de Grau i Torras 59, on the seafront.

Nightlife in Barcelona



The first thing to decide is which disco in Barcelona we will attack. Since I do not know your musical tastes well I invite you to take a look at the list of the most important discs in the city. If you let me decide for sure I will take you to Razzmatazz or to the Apolo.  The Razz is in carrer dels Almogàvers 122 (Marina stop, red line L1 or Bogatell, yellow line L4) and the pre-evening we can do it at giant pub Ovella Negra in carrer Zamora 78. They also have Spanish table football and we can baste a beautiful challenge with some local (eye that the rules are different from ours!). At the Apolo you jump on the green metro L3 at the Paral-lel stop. The pre-evening in the area we do it at Bar Marsella, a historic bar that has served among others Hemingway and Orwell. The bar is located in the carrer de Sant Pau 65, a slightly degraded but not dangerous area. Here they generally serve absinthe, but you will also find something else.


If you are more into having a special dinner date don’t forget to try some local paella and, of course, some sangria to full immerse into local culture and traditional side even more!


Some relax and some hiking experiences

For shopping, the most commercial areas of the center are Passeig de Gràcia, Portal del Angel, Portaferrissa carrer and the Born. From plaça Catalunya our women can reach them all on foot. Instead, to go for the Camp Nou tour, let us take the green metro L3 and get off at Les Corts. It will take about 45 minutes to arrive. Montjuïc is the perfect place to enjoy some outdoor experience and, most of all, to take astonishing pics! To reach it, take the green metro L3 and get off at Paral-lel. Once there you have to change with the funicular and then take a piece uphill uphill to the castle, or you can remedy using the cableway of Montjuïc, which also offers a spectacular view from the sky over the city! Alternatively you can reach the castle by bus 150 from plaça Espanya.   On Montjuïc the castle awaits us, with a view of the city and the port, the stadiums of the 1992 Olympic Games, the Fundació Joan Miró and the Botanical Garden, among other things. Another interesting attraction is la Fuente Magica is an important attraction in Barcelona, its show includes colored water jets to the rhythm of music. The frame on plaça Espanya and the Palazzo Reale complete the masterpiece! It is located at the foot of Montjuïc and we can reach it by descending the hill in half an hour on foot or by bus 15.


Finding a good but inexpensive place to stay in Barcelona is not so easy and, in this case, we highly recommend you to rely on some hostels. Barcelona is a young and fresh city and this is the reason why hostels are the new hotels! Which are the best hostels? Rodamom Barcelona Hostel, Yeah Barcelona Hostel and Back Swan and Generator Hostel Barcelona.  If you have some extra day you should give to the seaside another good try with a day in Lorret de Mar.


Alternatively even for a mini day trip to Valencia, reaching by train in an easy and affordable way. Another tip for you is to try renting a bike and bike all over the city to live this experience in the most unique and uncommon way optimising both your money and time!



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    Demarco Kago


    I agree. Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities and really huge I must say. I felt lost in the big crowd while looking for my friend who apparently forgot I was a newbie tourist! Whew! I would do anything to go back for another visit. It is such a cool place and you would never get enough of the place. It has lots and lots if beautiful sights, people and most especially food! Lol!

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