Things not to forget while packing for a tour

Things not to forget while packing for a tour

Things not to forget while packing for a tour

Packing for a vacation can be overwhelming. It can be like solving a jigsaw puzzle if you don’t know what you should carry for that mandatory family vacation, business trip or a solo trip. How do you expect to get all the things in the head if you don’t preplan for the trip? First of all, understand that accidents occur and people lose their belongings while on the trip. As a matter of fact, what to pack while travelling depends entirely on the type of tour you are about to get to. In this brief, I am going to talk about some of the things that you shouldn’t forget while planning for a day or a weekend out.

Things not to forget while packing

Phone Changer

You don’t want to feel disconnected immediately you arrive to your destination. Although you can be able to get a replacement at any other place while traveling, you need to include it on your packing list. Replacing a phone changer can take you more than $20. To avoid incurring more costs, remember to carry your own phone changer.


You don’t know what can happen at any point in the day. Maybe you left your home on a sunny day but the fact is it can be raining on the other side. An umbrella may also be important in case there’s extreme sunlight. Don’t get caught hopelessly in the rain. Even if the weather forecast looks good and you think you have confidence that it will not rain, always carry an umbrella. The fact is you don’t know where there may be a sudden thunderstorm and shower.

Waterproof MAC

As I had already stated, the weather around many countries in the world may be unpredictable and for this reason, you should be prepared. Also check weather updates before you leave your home. If you are staying in cities where there’s no accurate weather updates, then remember to carry an umbrella and a Waterproof MAC.

Water Bottle

You are going to get thirsty and am plenty sure you cannot find clean water everywhere you walk. For this reason, remember to carry your water bottle. When you are travelling for a walk or even a road tour or camping, we recommend a metallic water bottle. They are durable and also more hygienic.


If after packing all the necessary goods there’s still space in your bag, then include some sunglasses. This is especially the case when you are travelling for a tour, game park tour, when going for beach destinations or for a road trip. Sunglasses can be expensive in some of the places.

sun glasses (1)

Bathing Suit

In case you are going for beach destinations, then ensure you have a bath suit. In most cases, a swimsuit is so easy to forget. For this reason, take your time and preplan. This is the only sure way that you will remember all the needed things for your travel experience.

Get a Watch

If your job requires you to be traveling most of the time or if you want to spare some time during the year and get out of your comfort zone, then a watch can be a good accompaniment. As you travel from one place to the other or even sit down to have your meals, you can always pull up your shirtsleeve and glance down for the time. This will keep you updated and also help you to plan your trip better.

Get a camera

When you are traveling locally or abroad, its tempting to ditch your camera. After all, you already have a smartphone camera. But have you ever wondered if you need more than a smartphone camera while on the trails? Just remember that most smartphone and tablet cameras are not waterproof and you may want to record or take a picture while it’s raining. Smartphone cameras also don’t have a good focus as compared to typical cameras. For this reason, don’t leave your camera. Ensure you have camera every time you are traveling whether abroad or locally.

Entertainment gadgets

In case you are travelling abroad and you are likely to be on the plane for quite a long time, then you may need to read a book or watch a movie instead of staring at the windows the entire journey. You can as well carry an iPod or a gamepad. However, stay away from those that can weigh you down. You can get a magazine or a newspaper to read throughout the journey.

Personal Hygiene necessities

It is also imperative to carry a small selection of toiletries in your bag. Some of them includes, a face towel, tissue paper, tooth brush and a toothpaste. If you are traveling abroad, you should give your travel experience a good impression by washing your face, applying makeup and also brushing your teeth before you get in the sky.

Travel Wallet

In some cases, you may need to carry more than your normal wallet can hold. For this reason, you need to carry a travel wallet. This wallet should be necessary for hotel key cards, currencies and et cetera. You should get a good and a spacious to accommodate all of the above things.

Local ID or other identification documents

If you don’t want to get into trouble with the authorities any time of the day while you are on your tour, then ensure you have all the relevant identification documents such as your ID, Passport, copy of your Itinerary, Boarding pass and any other.


You can as well get a drone for extra experiences where you are going. If you are on a family tours visiting different game parks in the country, then carrying a drone for taking aerial pictures is a good idea. I usually think that drones are so easy in case you want to sail for surveillance purposes. They can as well go to places where humans cannot access and take pictures and video contents.


Power strip

The other thing not to forget is the Power strip. Pack a power strip so that you can be able to charge all your electronics from one port instead of carrying multiple adaptors. With a power strip, you can charge your phones and other electronics with ease. Charging your phone via your computer’s USB ports can also be good. However, this method is slow and most of the people don’t like charging their phones through the USB port.


You may also want to travel with your laptop for several purposes. If you are travailing for business, then Apple’s MacBook pro and MacBook air are the best choices. On the other hand, if you are doing some remote work, choose a laptop for work and travel with it.

Laptop charger

You don’t have to carry a laptop and end up going out of charge on your first few hours. If you want to have a comfortable stay and be connected throughout, then carry a laptop charger. Just as the case with a phone charger, laptops are expensive. For this reason, carry your own.


This other is ideal for people who are expecting to have a lot of dead time especially traveling from one place to the other. You need a book to keep yourself active and if possible, get enough of them.

Unlocked smartphone with local simcard

If you are travelling abroad, you need to carry an unblocked smartphone with a local simcard. This will enable you to swap in easily and cheaply. If you want low cost calls, buy the simcard at your destination. I usually think that the local approach is cheaper than using US wireless carriers.

Travel Adapter

I know it can be tempting to pack your travel adapter in your checked bag. However, it’s another essential that you wouldn’t want to be caught without in a lost luggage snafu. It works in more than 150 countries in the world. It also gives you three outlets and a USB slot to plug into so that you can keep all your tech devices charged. On your side, remember to use this device with dual-voltage devices only. The reason for this is because this device doesn’t convert electrical voltage.

First Aid Kit

First Aid travel kits can be difficult to get in local chemists in case the need arise. What this means for you is that you should always carry your own. Many travel advisory professionals will recommend carrying your own kit. It can include eye drops, antidiarrheal, medicine, Band-Aids, sleep aids, probiotics, stain remover and many more things.

first aid kit

The bottom line In this brief, I have tried to list some of the most important things that you should carry for your travel. Take your time to preplan the tour. If possible, start parking a week or two before the D-Day. This way, you will be able to correct mistakes and remember some of the things that you had initially forgotten. There are several other things that you should carry. For this reason, take your time to research more and if possible involve your friends or family on preplanning.

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