The Top Restaurants in London

The Top Restaurants in London

Forget about the times you were joking about English food. The capital of England is now one of the world’s leading culinary hotspots with a varied choice: from tasty street food, organic lunch spots to three-star Michelin restaurants. The food in London is very diverse, and the list below will tell you about the top restaurants in London. Peruvian, Persian, Italian or Indian, English or Brazilian, in whatever kitchen you like, in London, you will find all the world kitchens in abundance. The choice is overwhelming, so we came up with few choices for you.

Top Restaurants in London

1. Barrica

This little piece of Spain in London’s West End is soothing for its authenticity and is known as one of the top restaurants in London. The charcuterie comes from Salamanca; the red wine is chilled served. The tapas list varies from meat like smoked duck breast to fish (wild sea bass, mackerel).

Barrica- Top Restaurants in London

2. River Café

Dine at the river in this long-established and widely-appreciated Italian. This is founded by Richard Rogers and run by his wife who is also the chef, Ruth Rogers. River Café is one of London’s most stylish places to eat fresh pasta and beautifully roasted meats. They also have a fantastic ice cream collection and an up-and-top Italian cheese menu.

River Café

3. The Goring Dining Room

In no other London restaurant, you will be welcomed than here where you typically eat English food such as folk quail, Cornish cod and Cotswold chicken (Cotswold chicken). Order the eggs hard boiled eggs with lobster and shrimp), the favorite dish of the Queen Mother so is claimed.

 The Goring Dining Room

4. Hoxton Grill

This American-oriented bar and grill wholesale in leather sofas and stone walls. The menu consists of burgers, ribs and an excellent selection of grill: from rib-eye to Chateaubriand. The wine list is pleasant.

Hoxton Grill

5. Boundary Restaurant

In the basement of an old Victorian warehouse, you will find this stylish modern French restaurant. The menu changes per season, but expect a selection of charcuterie, fresh oysters, lobster and soufflé as a dessert.

Boundary Restaurant

6. Bluebird

This institute in Chelsea is a regular favorite of the English television series E4’s Made in Chelsea. Bluebird’s art deco garage is always stocked and serves modern English dishes such as steak Carpaccio and pork belly (belly bacon). They have a cocktail in their bars, a café for simple lunches (think: spaghetti, schnitzel) a food store.


7. Banner’s

Here it is all about ‘global home cooking,’ a visit always feels like eating at a friend at home. On the menu: quesadillas, sandwiches and Jamaican classics (jerk chicken, goat, and coconut roti).


8. Grand Imperial London

This is a Chinese style dinning. Chef Rand Cheung cooks the exquisite Cantonese cuisine like fried black cod with miso, especially baked rice with Haliotis (sea ears) and scallops and Sichuan dried chili chip. You eat it in an impressive decor designed to reflect the Feng Shui basic principles.

Grand Imperial London

9. The Greenhouse

One of London’s less famous Michelin restaurants (it has two) but a personal favorite. Stopped in a pond lane lies this quiet restaurant, the perfect setting for Arnaud Bignon’s inventive French cuisine. Go for the tasting menu and prepare yourself for an incredible experience.

The Greenhouse

10. Royal China Club

Known as one of the top restaurants in London, the headquarters of this gourmet Chinese mini-chain has such a serene look that you’ll find in five-star hotels. The food certainly deserves velvety dim sum, dumplings with salmon and perfectly baked steak with sesame seeds. Everything is equally delicious.

Royal China Club

11. The Churchill Arms

This original bar serves not only pints, but it also has a secret garden where you eat spicy Thai food. The food comes fast and is simple, actually it’s more a quick snack than an extensive dining experience, but the curries and stir-fry dishes are one of the better you’ll find in town. Spicy!

The Churchill Arms12. Foxcroft & Ginger

This is one of the best brunch places in London (try the eggs Benedict), but they also serve a sticky duck burger (duck) for lunch and fresh sourdough pizza from 16.30. When you walk in here, the homemade cakes that are temptingly laid out in a glass bar are irresistible.

Foxcroft & Ginger

13. Bali Bali

In the heart of West End, this is a relatively unknown Indonesian restaurant that serves halal meat wrapped in some hot dishes. The service is friendly and fast, and thanks to the special lunch menus and a pre-theater arrangement, this restaurant will get an extra plus.

Bali Bali

14. Dinner by Heston

This menu is more thoughtful than any other menu, thus making it one of the top restaurants in London. Heston Blumenthal spent years with his nose in archives and books to snatch old British recipes. The menu is therefore just a history book: meat fruit (from 1500), spicy dove (from 1870), and drunk cake (from 1810). You will probably call in the help of the staff and will find out that they know everything. At Dinner by Heston, you are going to enjoy some delicious food and learn something new, although it will probably be an expensive lesson.

Dinner By Heston

  • Dammy



    The thing with most restaurants in London is that they are all so good and you’ll be left pondering on which one to go to. Sometimes I get to visit close to 4 a week. Though I love Bluebird and the Greenhouse best, the others are still amazing.

  • Kabirat01



    The Bali Bali is my favorite restaurant. I must agree that their service is very fast and friendly. I mean, I can’t remember when last I made an order in a restaurant and got my food even before I settle down on the table and take out my phone. Not to mention that their halal meat took me to another planet. Gosh, that place is amazing.

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