The Top London Attractions

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The Top London Attractions

The various attraction of London is a varied overview of fun, interesting and beautiful outings in this world city of England. In the top Places of London, you’ll find the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and the Big Ben. Below are the top London attractions:

Top London Attractions

1. Thames River Cruise Sights London

The Thames River Cruise is an excellent way to see many sights of London at once and is one of the top London attractions. On the way, you will find the views of House of Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye Westminster Abbey, Tower of London and the Tower Bridge! There are four crossing points for the River Cruise, namely Westminster Pier, London Eye, Tower Bridge and Greenwich.

Thames River Cruise Sights London

2. London Eye Sights

Another one of the top London attractions is London Eye. London Eye is one of the best London attractions of today and is a building in honour of the Millennium Festival in 2000. A London Eye ride takes about 30 minutes and runs at a pleasant speed, so you do not have to wait for escalating passengers. From the 135 meter high ferries wheel, you have a beautiful view of London!

London Eye Sights- Top London Attractions

3. Buckingham Palace Sights

Another beautiful place to see in London is Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace is the official recession of the British Monarch. Every day at half past 12, the change of guard takes place, which is a beautiful ceremony.

Buckingham Palace Sights

4. Big Ben and Houses of Parliament Sights

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament is another place you need to see in London. These two top London attractions are next to each other and can be combined well. The Big Ben is 96 high, contains one of the heaviest clocks in the world and is also a beautiful building. The adjoining Houses of Parliament is home to the British Parliament, which consists of the House of Commons (similar to the second room) and the House of Lords (comparable to the first room).

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament Sights

5. Free Museums in London

London has many museums that are free and worth the effort to visit. Think of the British Museum, Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, Science Museum and the National Gallery. With just visiting these museums you are sweet for a few days, so take a look at what museum best fits your interests.

Free Museums in London

6. Tower of London

Since 1988, the Tower of London has been the UNESCO World Heritage List and has been in many different positions over the years. The Tower of London served as a fortress, royal palace, state prison, museum, and arsenal. The Tower of London is located on the Thames and close to London Bridge.

Tower of London

7. St. Paul’s Cathedral

The cathedral of St. Paul’s Cathedral is the largest in the world after St. Peter’s Square in Rome. The church has been the scene of many events, including the funeral of Winston Churchill and the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Visit the Whispering Gallery, 530 steps high. The unique acoustics make sure that even the softest whispering is heard on the other side of the gallery.

St. Paul's Cathedral

8. Hyde Park Places of Interest London

This is a place to visit when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of London; you can relax well in this location. Hyde Park is a 140m2 acre park, with beautiful hiking trails and a large lake.

Hyde Park Places of Interest London

9. Tower Bridge Sights London

Tower Bridge across the River Thames is next to the Tower of London, where the bridge thanks its name. The 244-meter long suspension bridge was built in 1886.

Tower Bridge Sights London

10. Churchill’s War Rooms

In this museum, you can view the secret headquarters of Winston Churchill. Discover how Winston Churchill experienced the Second World War.

Churchill's War Rooms

11. Camden

Camden is one of hip hip areas in London, where Amy Wine house also lived. You will find a large market every day, which consists of six adjacent markets. In this market, you will see mostly vintage and alternative clothing. You will also find cosy pubs and eateries in Camden.


12. Harrods

The huge department store Harrods is worth a visit. To be able to see all floors well, you can be sweet all day long. But from the outside, Harrods is well worth a visit. This is owned by Mohammed Al-Fayed and his brother. The son of Mohammed, Dodi, met in 1997 with Princess Diana in Paris. In Harrods, there is a memorial to them.


13. Tate Modern

The best visited modern art museum in the world. The fixed collection is free to view, for the changing exhibitions you have to pay an entrance fee. The museum is seven-story high and is located opposite St. Paul’s Cathedral, on the banks of the Thames. Through the famous Millennium Bridge, you get there.

Tate Modern

14. Dickens House

On Doughty Street, number 48, British writer Charles Dickens lived with his wife and son from 1837 to 1839. Now the house is a museum, including the author’s paintings, furniture, and manuscripts.

Charles Dickens Museum

15. London Dungeon

Meet Jack the Ripper in this creepy museum. In the London Dungeon, you will see dozens of exhibitions about horrible people and events. Walls come down on you, and you walk past chopped heads. A museum of steel nerves!

London Dungeon

16. London Zoo

It is one of the top London Attractions. London Zoo happens to be one of the oldest Zoo in the world. The zoo is located in the north of Regent’s Park. You can view 700 different animal species. London Zoo was also widely used in movies, including Harry Potter and the Stone of the Wise.

  London Zoo

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  • Lilian



    I’ve visited a few of these places and I must say it was an amazing experience. The London Hyde Park is my favorite. It’s serene and natural environment is enough to soothe one’s nerve.

  • vivian sharks

    vivian sharks


    For a history student, I prefer to spend my time in the free museums made available. I could go round watching ancient items for hours and not get bored. But if I ever get bored, I I have the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament Sights to visit and have a good time.

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