Ten things you need to know before you book a hostel

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Ten things you need to know before you book a hostel

Ten things you need to know before you book a hostel

Hostels are great, you will not find a much cheaper place to sleep, and you will meet a lot of (often lovely) people from every corner of mother earth. If you have never slept in a hostel before, you can now prepare yourself. Hostels are the place to be for the budget conscious traveler. Depending on the location, of course, but countries where the price level is relatively low, prices can be beautiful. In Eastern Europe or Asia, for example, you can already find a place to sleep for less than 5 Euros! The costs for your accommodation absorb a large part of your budget. The fast calculators already see it. Staying in hostels makes it possible to see much more of the world. If you are not familiar with hostels yet, you will find the things you need to know before you book a hostel.

  1. Which Hostel Click to enter Think Hostel

    Listen to experiences of others, rather than price

When you stay in a hostel for the first time, the culture shock can be great. If you have only looked at the price and not so much at the ratings of others, then the step from a private room in a hotel to a shared room in a hostel can be great. If other aspects are unexpectedly negative, you can come home from a cold funfair. For example, consult the hostel’s Facebook page. These are often reliable sources, to see what others think of their stay in the hostel.

  1. Check what type of Hostel it is

Listen to experiences of others

When you book a hostel, you can sometimes filter on type hostels. For example, there are boutique hostels, party hostels and travellers’ hostels. If you are at peace, you do not want to book a party hostel. If you are passing through, travellers can unexpectedly be very lovely and inspiring. These have a homely atmosphere, and you quickly meet other travellers. These travellers can sometimes give you beneficial tips. When you stay in a hostel for the first time, a boutique hostel is a good choice. These hostels have excellent quality, and often everything has been arranged.

  1. Choose the room that suits you

Choose the room that suits you


Different types of rooms are offered in hostels. This is different than when you choose a room at hostels. You often only select quality there. More distinction is made at hostels. So you can choose a private room or a shared room, where you then also have to decide how many people you want to sleep in a room. Also, as a woman you sometimes have the choice whether you want to stay in a shared room with men or only with women. You can also often choose whether you want to share your sanitation. Finally, you can sometimes also make a selection of the quality level. Perhaps superfluously, but with hostels the more people stay in a room, the lower the price per night will be.




  1. Take care of your breakfast

    Take care of your breakfast


Many hostels have a communal kitchen. This makes it possible to prepare your meals yourself or together. This makes travelling even cheaper but above all. When you cook together, it creates a special bond with your fellow travellers. What not everyone always takes into account is that there is usually no breakfast included. So do not be surprised and do your shopping for the next day on arrival.


  1. Little personal space

Little personal space


A hostel has an unusually sizeable familiar character. You will have to share many facilities with your fellow travellers. In most cases also your bedroom, unless you choose a private bedroom. Although it does not happen much, you have to pay attention to your valuables. So make use of the lockers. These are available in almost every hostel, but there are some aspects that you should be aware of. You may need to bring your padlock, or sometimes you need to rent a safe at the reception.




  1. Hygiene is sometimes a luxury

Hygiene is sometimes a luxury

Although hostels are paying more attention to quality, there are occasional hostels where cleanliness leaves something to be desired. Here are some tips:

  • Take flip flops with you. You do not have to take a shower on your bare feet; you also keep your feet clean when you walk back to your room.
  • Speak to your fellow travelers. Please note that you do not have someone offended or falsely accused.
  • Also, involve the staff if you do not want to complain to your fellow travelers.
  • When booking your hostel, make sure that it is cleaned every day.



  1. You will have to crawl into your bed once

You will have to crawl into your bed once


There is often a significant social atmosphere in a hostel. Often various events or parties are organised by the hostel. If this does not happen, then I can assure you that your fellow travellers are usually in for a small party. You will, therefore, have to crawl into your bed at least once during your stay.




  1. Sleeping can be difficult

Sleeping can be difficult

You will undoubtedly once experience that you are just sleeping next to someone snoring. This will make it particularly trying to sleep. Also, not all rooms are always entirely darkened, or someone will turn on the light. The use of earplugs and a sleep mask are not a luxury. When packing, keep in mind that you do not forget to take it with you.


  1. Undesirable spectator of sexual activities

For one it is unfortunately and for the other happy, but it will be a time when you are against your will in spectator of sexual events. More than at home, and with a drink at all, people are open to intimate contact with others. In fact, I can imagine that sometimes people just really want to. Although there is certain etiquette, this cannot be done in a shared room; this will always happen. So be prepared for it.

  1. Waikiki-Beachside-Hostel-Backpackers

    You will meet great people

Do not hide or crawl into your shield when you stay in a hostel. One of the most beautiful aspects of a hostel is the social atmosphere. That is why I often say: “the difference between a hostel and a hotel is the S of social. During your stay in hostels, you can make new friends quickly without being aware of it. How nice is that?



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