Ten Awesome Travel Blogs You Should Read

Ten Awesome Travel Blogs You Should Read

Ten Awesome Travel Blogs You Should Read

We know you love to travel and understand what it is like to always be on the prowl for your next adventure. If you are looking for the right influencers to inspire you and to propel you onto your next adventure, here are the top ten travel bloggers you should follow. These bloggers are some of the industries key influencers and not only have incredible adventures but write about it in a creative and compelling way that makes travel aficionados feel like they have shared in the experience. We have put our list of our top ten travel bloggers in no particular order.

Lili's travel plans

1. Lili’s Travel Plans – Lili aims her blog at millennials and has been named one of the top 25 travel blogs for 2016. Her style is relatable and she often finds the best moments of travelling are the “misadventures.” She is based in Belgium but travels all over the world giving her readers a wide variety of adventures to be inspired by.

2. The Blond Abroad – Kristen has been travelling the world for five years after leaving a career in finance. She has been sponsored by the top brands and is part of the Go Pro family. Kristen not only talks about her travels but also shares her favourite products, wonderful photography and articles on lifestyle and fashion.

lifestyle and fashion

3. Travel Break –Steph is a California native that has been featured on CNN as well as other top media outlets.  On top of writing a great blog, her photography is amazing and she is a social media maven.  Steph dishes not just on great places to travel but on the best gifts, photography equipment and technology for anyone who loves to adventure around the globe.

photography equipments

4. Dan Flying Solo – Dan has a wonderfully quirky personality that includes a love of goats.  Just like many of the other bloggers that we love, Dan takes great pictures which he shares with his readers on his blog. He also has some great tips on travelling on the offseason, not because it is cheaper, but because of the kind of experience, it can provide. Just with many of the other bloggers on our list he has a slew of the top travel sponsors and appears regularly in many media outlets.

5. A Broken Backpack – Mellissa is a bit irreverent and we love her for it. Not only does she blog, but she produces videos you can find on YouTube and her snapshot is off the hook. She specializes in travelling on a shoestring and a dream, but believe us when we say her adventures are epic.

capture the moments while travelling

6. Nomadic Boys –Stephan and Sebastian love romance, love travel, love great food and love each other. This couple caters to the LGBTQ community and has a very fun and approachable writing style. Face it travelling while gay has its own set of risks and pitfalls. This blog focuses on having the best experience around the world while pointing out how to get out of your comfort zone and have beautiful and safe adventures.

7. Backpacker Banter – Chris is another traveller who believes you don’t have to have a flush bank account to have great adventures. He takes great picture and records and produces even more awesome videos.  He is not afraid to take a job while on the road to help fund his travels and his great personality is infectious.

Backpacker Banter

8. Drew Binksy – Drew might be a bit of a rare bird in the Travel Blog ranks, he completed college and immediately started to travel, making a living off of his travel experiences. Drew has his own show that he created through Snapchat and he works with quite a few well-known brands.   Drew has a bit of an everyman vibe if everyman is a bit dorky and fun.  Like some other travellers, he had at times taken jobs in far off countries to help make it so that he can afford his passion and of course he shares the how-to with his blog readers.

9. My Life’s a Movie –Alyssa is from a major tourist destination, Florida. One thing we really like about her is how honest she is about being a woman and travelling alone. Some people like to always put the best spin on any trip they take, but sometimes Alyssa tells us the unvarnished bad that comes with travelling too.

travel alone

10. The Blog Abroad – Gloria has worked with some of the best travel photographers in the world and it seems that those experiences have rubbed off on her.  She is hands down our favourite selfie taker and is never afraid to give her opinions about anything, travel or otherwise. One of the things we really love and need to acknowledge about her blog is her commitment to tackling the civil rights and creating some great blogs that combine history and activism with travel. Her upfront honesty is refreshing and we can’t help but love how cheeky and real that she is.

history and activism with travel

  • active life

    active life


    Wow. What a great list of travel blogs you have shared. I love traveling and I will follow all of the above mentioned bloggers!

  • B Keller

    B Keller


    I have been following some of the bloggers you mentioned. Like, The Blond Abroad, A Broken Backpack and My Life’s a Movie are my favorite ones.

  • Dileo D

    Dileo D


    Out of the your given list above, The Blond Abroad is the best and my favorite one. I will check out others in the given list as well.

  • K Puri

    K Puri


    Being travel lover, I know few of these blogs. The Nomadic Boys is best of all. I will try to look the other bloggers also.

  • Dinko



    The video which you have uploaded with this post is very interesting. This is really informative video; full of details.

  • J Khan

    J Khan


    The list is nice but I think it can be more helpful if you may categorize the bloggers with respect to their related region, so that others may better know them.

  • Abhey



    I must agree that I am getting in deeper and deeper for travel love. I am exploring these blogger and for sure I will follow them.

  • kathy



    I follow many travel bloggers. In your list at number three, Travel Break used to be good one but now she puts in many unrelated items that’s why I don’t follow her anymore.

  • Salmon



    Dan Flying Solo is my favorite and one of the top blogger. I love his great tips regarding the off-season traveling. Thanks for adding him in the post.

  • Nelson



    Chris is no doubt a great traveler. I do follow him. He shares his ideas about low cost traveling and I like his photography also.

  • Ambrose J

    Ambrose J


    You are correct Nelson. Chris is an awesome traveler and great blogger with charming personality. His videos are very adventurous.

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