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1- Claim or create your business listings and connect with international travellers.

Start managing your local business online by claiming it, connecting with travellers and join a new revenue stream by ensuring they feel like a local.

2- Promote your services to millions of travellers.

Reach out to targeted customers who desire to feel like a local through experiencing your services or products.

3- Convert visitors and build your brand.

Turn your visitors into paying customers with exciting offers and services on your profile page.



Per Package

  • icon-cross Duration : 30 days
  • icon-check Max. Listings : 5
  • icon-check Map Display
  • icon-check Contact Display
  • icon-check Image Gallery
  • icon-check Video
  • icon-check Business Tagline
  • icon-check Location
  • icon-check Website
  • icon-check Social Links
  • icon-check FAQ
  • icon-check Price Range
  • icon-check Tags/Keywords
  • icon-check Business Hours
  • icon-cross Timekit
  • icon-cross Menu
  • icon-cross Announcment
  • icon-cross Deals-Offers-Discounts
  • icon-cross Hide competitors Ads
  • icon-cross Events
  • icon-check Monthly 1200 words blog post shared across social networks


Per Listing

  • icon-cross Duration : 21 days
  • icon-check Map Display
  • icon-cross Contact Display
  • icon-check Image Gallery
  • icon-check Video
  • icon-cross Business Tagline
  • icon-check Location
  • icon-cross Website
  • icon-cross Social Links
  • icon-cross FAQ
  • icon-cross Price Range
  • icon-check Tags/Keywords
  • icon-check Business Hours
  • icon-cross Timekit
  • icon-cross Menu
  • icon-cross Announcment
  • icon-cross Deals-Offers-Discounts
  • icon-cross Hide competitors Ads
  • icon-cross Events

How we work?


Have you heard of Think Hostel? Want to learn about who we are & how it all works? If so, you're in luck! Watch this short video to learn about what Think Hostel offers & how offer our services with local business that work best for you.

24/7 Support

We operation a direct chat and ticket support customer system, our team are ready to help you around the clock, anyplace, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Trusted Reviews

Reviews on local businesses can only be left once a booking has stayed and checked out, so left by real people with real experiences of that service and you can ask a question to the person who left the review or service owner.

Local Profiles

Local businesses and guests get to know each other through our profile system, personal reviews, local services with global experiences on our travel community platform.

Managed Online

Once you've made contact with a local business and in agreement to book their service, you will be asked to complete the booking directly through our website, or you will be sent a payment request to complete payment on our site. You can track everything from one place.

So what is ThinkHostel.Com all about?

It’s a website that gives travellers a one-stop shop to finding accommodation places to eat, tours and even night time activities all around the world. Its setup to provide you with tips and connect you directly with local companies that want to help you get the most out of your visit.

Listings on the site are posted by real hosts offering up their services so you can ask direct questions or read comments and reviews prior booking or simply ask a question in the open forum space and connect with fellow travellers visiting the same places.

The idea is hosts of the various travel services offer their homes tour restaurant services and you book directly which helps them make money but you receive a more personal treatment through engaging directly with them and thus makes travel more personal since you connect with someone prior travelling.


Is there a cost?

So how is this different from other sites?

1. You connect directly with local businesses prior booking.

2. You engage with the travel community prior evening visiting a country or region.

3. You can book all related services in one place and you have access to support 24/7 or ask on the forum so we all help each other.

4. Each local business wants you to live and experience like a local and thus share experience like a local on thinkhostel.com.

5. There’s recommendations from other travellers and you can also join that community so you’re never alone when travelling and oh you can save money so we all save when travelling.

Is there a fee?
Yes, the site charges a processing fee per booking and charges 10% to the businesses which go back into growing the site and helps its group of influence travellers create more content that inspires you to travel more.

If you have more questions then do reach us either via chat or in our forum area.


Ask questions in our Forum!

Submit Listing

List your local business

Begin by creating a profile for your service with all relevant information.

  • Make sure your local business listing stands out with detailed information, beautiful photos and a reasonable price information.
  • Local listings have the option to showcase their unique amenities offers guests, helping guest’s feel like a local.
  • You may also set the dates that your listing is available, set rules, policies and additional specifications.