Restaurants in My Location : London Restaurants

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Restaurants in My Location : London Restaurants

Do you want the best British food? England is one of the best culinary spot in the world from delicious organic to street food. London has a lot of food. African, Brazillian or Peruvian, in whatever kitchen you like, in London, you will find all the world kitchens in abundance. The choice is overwhelming, so we already made a nice selection. Below are the various London Restaurants where you can eat around:

London Restaurants

1. Pachamama

Pachamama : London Restaurants

One of the best London Restaurants, Big stars have long dominated the food scene in London, but because of their offspring, they are now waving their wings. In the kitchen, it is about Peruvian dishes prepared with local produce. You will taste sea bass ceviche with correctly dosed acids, snacked misotaco’s with salmon and drank just too many pisco cocktails.

2. The Clove Club

The Clove Club

This restaurant in Shoreditch is proof that Michelin stars are no longer reserved for the traditional business with table linen and a formal, business atmosphere. In the dining room overlooking the kitchen, you eat a five-course menu for 65 pounds. Even more fun we find the bar, where bar food is raised to a whole new level. We tasted homemade sausage, in buttermilk fried chicken nuggets, pudding with green apple foam and so far the best dessert of the year: Sarawak pepper ice cream with lemonade of Amalfi Crust.

3. Yum Bun

Yum Bun

As being one of the best London Restaurants, Yum Bun’s steamed buns are praised by the British culinary press, but be warned: they play hard to get. Yum Bun has no fixed address. One day they are on a street food market, the next day at Harvey Nichols’s food department and another day later on the indoor evening market Hawker House in Hackney (a must for better street food).

4. Barrica


This is another Spain in London. The charcuterie is derived from Salamanca; the red wine is chilled served. The tapas list varies from meat like smoked duck breast to fish (wild sea bass, mackerel).

5. The River Café

The River Café

This is one of the best Italian cafes. This is run by the wife of Richard Roger River Café is one of the best places to get your roasted meats. They have a collection of Italian menu and ice creams.

6. The Goring Dining Room

The Goring Dining Room

No other London restaurants you will receive welcoming than here where you can eat typical English dishes like folk quail (quail), Cornish cod (cod) and Cotswold chicken (chicken Cotswolds). Order the eggs drumkilbo (hard boiled eggs with lobster and shrimp.

7. Hoxton Grill

The Hoxton Grill

This American oriented bar and grill wholesale in leather sofas and stone walls. The menu consists of burgers, ribs and an excellent selection of grill: from rib-eye to chateaubriand. The wine list is pleasant.

8. Boundary Restaurant

Boundary Restaurant

This is a French restaurant. The menu changes seasonally but expects at least a selection of charcuterie, souffle for dessert, and lobster.

9. Bluebird

Bluebird Restaurant, London

Bluebird’s is the restaurant to get a modern English dish (belly bacon). They also have popular bars to take your cocktail, a café for simple lunches (think: spaghetti, schnitzel) a food store.

10. Banners

Banners, London

This is all about ‘global home cooking’; this is another place you feel as if you are eating at home. On the menu: you will get sausage and Jamaican classics (jerk chicken, goat, and coconut roti).

11. The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse Restaurant, London

This is one of the London most patronized restaurant. This restaurant prepares you for a fantastic experience. Simply impeccably good.

12. Royal China Club

Royal China Club

The headquarters of this gourmet Chinese mini-chain has such a serene look that you’ll find in five-star hotels. The food deserves that: velvety dim sum, dumplings with salmon and perfectly baked steak with sesame seeds. Everything is equally delicious.

13. The Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms

This original bar serves not only pints, this one of the few restaurants you can eat fresh Thai food. The food is quick and even more convenient than snacks.

14. Bali Bali

Balli Balli

In the heart of West End, this is a relatively unknown Indonesian restaurant serving halibut wrapped in some hot dishes. Their customer service is friendly and helpful; this restaurant will get an extra plus.

15. Dinner by Heston

Dinner by Heston

The menu at this restaurant is more thoughtful than you may think. Heston Blumenthal had his nose in archives and books for snoring old British recipes. As being among the best London Restaurants, their list is just like a history book. Here you are going to be very lovely and learning something new, although it will probably be an expensive lesson.

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    Youths And Opportunities


    Banners restaurant tops my list of favorite restaurants in town. Their food really gives one this feeling of homemade food and the satisfaction is great. Their menu promises mouth-watering meals that will leave you salivating till you get your order. I love their top quality food and most importantly, their friendly staffs.

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