Restaurants In Albert Square: Places To Eat In Manchester

Restaurants In Albert Square: Places To Eat In Manchester

Located in the center of Manchester, Albert Square is dominated by its tallest building, Manchester Town Hall. The square is blessed with many statues and monuments, and tourists from all over the world come to see them. If you are visiting the Manchester for the first time, then you must visit this place. On the top of it, you can enjoy the delicious meal of Albert Square in its top-class restaurants. There are best restaurants in Albert Square, which serves best dishes of the English Empire on its plates. You can taste different types of dishes, such as Japanese, Italian, Indian, etc. in these restaurants. Here are the most famous restaurants in Albert Square that are always ready at your service:-

Restaurants In Albert Square

1. The Albert Square Chop House

The Albert Square Chop House

One of the historic building of British Empire, the Albert Square Chop House serves the best dishes of British cooking. On the top of it, the hospitality level and the environment gives the person a homely feeling. Additionally, you can enjoy the luxury wine and beer, with top-class dining service. The sweet dishes, the drinks and the food, you will get delighted by the taste of them. You can even get the tour of the place to experience the rich heritage of British Empire.

2. Slug & Lettuce

Slug & Lettuce

The restaurant is surrounded by many beautiful architectures and is located at the center of the city centre. Slug & Lettuce is famous for its tasty lunch and evening meals. Also, the place provides a facility to hold any special occasion or a hen party, or a stag night. If you are on vacation, then you surely don’t want to miss the chance to enjoy night dance party. With the great quality of food, the place also offers delicious wines and fabulous cocktails, making it one of the best restaurants In Albert Square.

3. Red’s True Barbecue

Red’s True Barbecue

It is a grill and bar restaurant situated in Albert Square, Manchester. It is a low and slow, but most popular barbecue joint that serves the authentic basket of barbecue richness. They don’t serve the super-sized barbecue steaks or the large meat platters. You will see for yourself the dining style of Red’s True Barbecue that how they put all the material in small but neat and attractive diner-style setting. The selection of the beers and stateside crafts is also incredible. During your visit to Albert Square, you must go to this one of the best restaurants In Albert Square to taste their delicious barbecue meal.

4. Duttons

Duttons, Manchester

If you want to have a quick snake or drink during your visit to Albert Square, then Duttons is at your service. With fantastic staff, quality rick tasty food and best tea or coffee, it will surely reach up to your standards. Also, you can enjoy your breakfast by sitting on the terrace of the restaurant, while watching the Manchester. The lunch and dinner service of this place is off the charts. Their food items menu holds the vast variety of English dishes that the city can offer.

5. Rajdoot Tandoori

Rajdoot Tandoori

It is a family run restaurant and is famous for its Indian dishes. It is situated at the depths of Albert Square, away from the Manchester City Centre busy life. It is a great place to have the meal in a relaxed and peaceful environment. As being one of the award-winning Indian Restaurant, Rajdoot Tandoori comprises of every type of India Recipe. The whole world is crazy about Indian food, and for you, it will be a golden opportunity to try Indian food in an Award Winning restaurant.

6. Croma

Croma, Manchester

The place is known for its pizza taste and the size they make it. Also, known as the Pizza Express in the country, Croma provides the high-class dining services to its customers. Whether you want to go for pizza, or for lunch or dinner special, this restaurant will serve everything you want to eat. As the pizza is their speciality, you must try it if you are visiting this restaurant for the first time. Along with this, you can eat the pasta, fresh salad and the ruck of starters. You can even try their delicious wine, along with your pizza and pasta.

7. Armenian Taverna

Armenian Taverna

Since its opening, the place is providing the better hospitality and delicious cuisines to its visitors, which makes it one of the best restaurants In Albert Square. If you want to experience the culinary culture during your visit to Manchester City, then you must try this place also. Located in front of Albert Square, the Armenian Taverna’s ambience is marvellous because of its artefacts and colours. On the top of it, the traditional charcoaled grilled meat and the taste of grandma’s recipes is simply out of this world. It is better to make the reservation for yourself before you visit this restaurant.

8. Piccolino


Situated on Clarence Street, Manchester, Piccolino serves breakfast, lunch, evening tea and supper until late. A wine boutique, mixed drink bar, a worldwide juice bar called The Juicery, the tasty Italian meal are its top items. Piccolino gloats an extremely extravagant look, which draws out the best of the Victorian recorded building. This restaurant is a must place to visit to try the Italian cuisines.

9. Dogs ‘n’ Dough

Dogs ‘n’ Dough

The place is well know for its hot dogs, pizzas and the kind of alcohol they serve. If you are with your friends, then you surely are going to enjoy your time here. Although, Dogs ‘n’ Dough did not accept anyone under the age of 18, but it is still a family restaurant if all the members in your group are over 18. You can get various offers over the hot dogs and drinks also.

10. Wright’s Fish & Chip Shop

Wright’s Fish & Chip Shop

The restaurant is one of the main eating points and best Restaurants In Albert Square for the visitors, especially among the locals. They serve the best quality of grilled fish and the salads, and chips are just marvellous in the taste. The fries and the drinks that Wright’s Fish & Chip Shop provide are also very impressive. Additionally, if you are visiting the place the first time, you surely will never want to leave the place. You can eat the famous fish dish of the UK, along with other delicious snacks and eatables.

  • Samantha



    Wright’s Fish and Chips Shop is my favorite on Albeit Square. Their fries are worth dying for and I never miss it anytime I go there. Slug and lettuce is another spot I’ve tried there and enjoyed too.

  • Cheska J

    Cheska J


    I truly believe eating native dishes in a new place will tell you a lot of about its culture, thus I always try my best to ask around which restaurants I should check out as much as possible from the locals. But that seems to be settled because you’ve got it written down here. Albert Square Chop House and the best British cooking? I wont be shocked that it’s the first thing I’ll try out when I’m in the area! And I am truly fascinated as to how Brits love their fish and chips, so i’ll be putting that in my priority of to-try out dishes as well.

  • Billy



    Piccolino is my favorite Italian cuisine spot. The good thing is they serve all day long. I could always go in for a quick meal any time of the day. It’s also a great place to take your date to. Their spicy Italian foods and friendly atmosphere can keep you in the mood.

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