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Turks and Caicos
Kyle Mahoney

Turks and Caicos: beauty, nature and fun all in one!

They are among the top ten destinations in the world for scuba diving, with white beaches such as talcum powder and clear waters populated by the most beautiful tropical fish. Turks and Caicos, an archipelago composed of about forty islands just south of the Bahamas, has become one of the favourite destinations for those looking for a postcard sea, the contact with nature and the relaxed climate. It is said that Christopher Columbus landed there the first time he set foot on earth in the New World. The official sources do not confirm, but the journals of the explorer seem to leave no doubt. First of all the pirates and then the smugglers, these islands were touristically discovered only at the beginning of the Sixties, when the first diving fans started to arrive.

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travel blogger
City Guides
Kyle Mahoney

Travel Bloggers Essential Equipment

Travel Bloggers Essential Equipment Travel blogging has become extremely popular in today’s world. People consider it as an excellent opportunity available for them to travel

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Kyle Mahoney

My Brazil Trip

My Brazil Trip I’m a person who loves to travel a lot and recently, I got the opportunity to spend few days in three of

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liverpool england city
Kyle Mahoney


Liverpool Liverpool, England is a city brimming with art and music. It is the home of the Philharmonic Orchestra as well as being the birthplace

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