Our Road Trip Packing List

Our Road Trip Packing List

Our Road Trip Packing List

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We all know that many people love a road trip since it is very flexible and let you control the journey. It is an adventurous way to get to destinations and explore the hidden gems in multiple places. However, the road trip is not always about the fun and adventurous trip that you can at any time. It is about how you manage to bring all the stuff and still have the fun trip.

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Yes, before hitting the road, you need to pack the stuff that might be useful during the trip. Every people may have different criteria for what should and not to bring for a road trip. But, the basic and general packing list stays the same. Here is our road trip packing list to help you gather the useful stuff for the journey.

Good bag or luggage

travel bags

Even though you travel in your own car, it does not mean that you do not need any bag. A good quality bag is essential for a road trip as you can organize smaller stuff into it. You can use soft bags that can perfectly squeeze and fit into the car. If you are travel with lots of people, it is better to bring a soft and wheeled luggage to organize everything. Then, each person can keep a personal bag with them to keep personal stuff. You can get a good quality bag and luggage on our store.



Good shoes and flip flops

For a better travel experience, you surely want to make the most out of it. If you are planning to hike, make sure to buy good quality shoes. The shoes should have better support for your body as you will carry backpacks. When buying shoes, you need to make sure of the features such as water resistance, comfort, weight, breathability, and surely, the look. The NikeAir Vapor Max will surely look good on you. Shop our best collection of shoes in the store.

shoe and flip flops

Besides good quality of shoes, you also need a pair of cure and durable flip flops. There are times when you need to stretch the toes and walk casually. Get your cute pair of flipflops and have a leisure walk by the beach. Flip flops are also good when the weather is humid and hot, so, you will not have a sweaty foot.

bikni travel beach cloths

Extra clothes and bikini

Comfortable clothes are essential during a road trip. Even though you want to look good, itis better to avoid tight clothes as it will make you uncomfortable. Choose loose and breathable clothes that you are comfortable and looking good at the same time. Also, pack extra clothes in case you are going to get wet. Depending on the destination, you may also need to pack a couple model of bikinis. The Armourstrapless ruffled bikini from our collection is suitable for a day at the beach. However, it is also important to take into account the weather in the destination.

Travel accessories

Electronic devices

Electronic devices such as GPS, phone holder, power bank, and such are also a basic thing to bring during a road trip. Make sure that you have fully charged the extra battery to use it every time your smartphone run out. Sometimes, a long trip can be quite boring but you can bring a pair of portable speaker to play some music. If you are going to spend a night in the camp area, you will also need a torch for an emergency situation.

First aid kit and others

travel accessories

Classic but you can never leave this point behind. First aid kit and others stuff such as sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and mosquito repellent should always be listed in any road trip packing list. You can bring mediocre health care such as basic first aid kit that comes with a needle.

Also, very important, make sure that you have bought travel insurance before hitting the road. Choose the insurance company with features that you need and suitable price. The insurance will cover for any accident (hopefully not) during the road trip.

Enough food supply

road trip packing list

You can always stop by to the closest minimarket in the street, but it is better to bring your own snacks and food supply. Bring your own snacks and food from home is cheaper than buying outside and also healthier. You can pack cut fruit, mixed nuts, chips, and even drinking water gallon.

Emergency car kit

Besides packing the essential stuff for you, let’s not forget about the car. Before starting the road trip, make sure that you have checked the car, changing the oil, the brake, and such. It is important to ensure that the car is in good condition before the long trip. Further, also bring the emergency car kit, in case the car is broken.

car kit


This is not a basic packing list, but you can bring sunglasses and inflatable can be a good addition. The CatEye Designer Rose God Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight and also make you look good at the same time. You can also bring a neck pillow for a more comfortable road trip.

Travel accessories 1

Trash bag

The trash bag is simple but most people tend to forget it. The truth is trash build up very quickly when you are on the road. Empty snack container, fruit peels, receipts, and such can quickly fill up your car. To prevent the trash from scattering all over the place, bring your own trash bag. Stick the bag wherever it is reachable in the car, so, it can be easy to keep the car clean and odour-free. The road trip is not something complicated but it should be planned accordingly.

Besides those kinds of stuff listed above, you can also pack car mattress if you plan to sleep in the car (in legal and designated areas only, of course). If you want to organize thing easily, you can use a trunk organizer which is basically a heavy duty box with compartments. So, it should be easy to organize kinds of stuff such as shoes, bags, toiletries, and more.

  • Junior Mahoney

    Junior Mahoney


    thanks for this inspiring post

  • Travel_Around



    Thanks for adding shoes in this list. If you are not wearing comfortable shoes then your road trip can turn upside down. Specially if you are vising some hill station. Nike Air series is my all time favorite!

  • Nature_Love



    Power backup is very important now a days. To be connected with others while you are on the go; you must have backup to power your devices specially communication devices like mobile, laptop, GPS etc.

  • MeganD



    Road trips a bit risky and you should be extra careful during your trip and about the stuff you carrying. I believe your provided list is the complete one and has all the required items!

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