Nightlife In London : The best Nightlife Near Me

Nightlife In London : The best Nightlife Near Me

Looking for a pleasant evening stroll in London? Frankly, here you have an abundance of choices. All clubs have their style, and all of them serve a specific audience. So whether you like Funk, Hip-Hop or House, there’s always a place to experience a great night. We have selected what the best nightlife in London is in this crazy metropolis, to enjoy your nigh like never before.

Nightlife In London

1. Trailer Happiness

Trailer Happiness - Nightlife in London

The bar is recognizable by the yellow fish above another unobtrusive door on Portobello Road, and if you go inside, it’s just as if you’re traveling back to the swinging seventies, here in the exotic underground lounge of Trailer Happiness. This is one of the best cocktail bars in London. There is a cozy Tiki-style that is underlined by the decor consisting of all sorts of attributes of head dancers and other typical Polynesian retro kitsch. Do not miss out on the barkeeper’s awesome Hawaii shirt – they are real masters in mixing drinks, and they give their own unique and inventive turn to classic rum cocktails. They are known to play fire regularly, sprinkling alcohol and then stabbing the flame with enthusiastic joy from the guests. Quiet chatting at the beginning of the evening slowly changes into a vibrant dance party until late into the night, on the tunes of famous fun music that brings the DJ to the audience.

2. Kensington Roof Gardens

Kensington Roof Gardens

Above the streets of the Kensington district, you will find this exclusive club where the wealthy class stops watching and seeing, while they are already busy filling their night out. Between all the ladies in their latest designer clothes and the gentlemen-inspired gentlemen, it will just feel like you are one of the jets set for one night. The adrenaline freaks you through the body as a percussionist lives with the size of the DJ’s music, but you may use this as an excuse to breathe in the same garden Kensington Gardens. Here you will find 500 plant species, Spanish fountains and even flamingos. This club is part of Europe’s most extensive roof garden, a chic oasis to take a break or a nightly chapel.

3. Sketch


If you are making a London city trip, you have to visit Sketch, which is finely balanced between elegance and boldness. Fashionable ladies and gentle gentlemen of London’s in-crowd pounce here on the tones of electro jam, while awarding classic cocktails from the round bar. The intimate atmosphere offers night-breakers a sophisticated variation of the hustle and bustle of surrounding nightclubs. For a memorable photo shoot, you should visit the toilet here. No seriously, the bathrooms here are all individually encapsulated in eggshells that look like they are from an art gallery of another universe. Reason enough so, to have a sketch visit if you are planning a night in London.

4. The Book Club

The Book Club

The shabby-chic look of the Shoreditch district is well-known at The Book Club. It is located on a side street that is completely covered with murals and the cafés of the day make when the evening is a hilarious party. White walls and a table tennis theme form the decor in the main hall which is a social meeting place, thanks to the list of trendy new bands playing here. The barkeepers adjust while serving their cocktails with names that will work on your laughing muscles correctly with the stylish informal bliss. The hip-hop and the house below the excited crowd, all the way and you, can dance until you drop it down.

5. Union Chapel

Union Chapel

An evening of entertainment at the Union Chapel, one of the most places for live music in London. Even the most vigorous atheist, when wondering what to do in London, will experience a real revelation when visiting this heavenly musical temple – a non-conformist church that is very heterogeneous and receives open arms. The whole is set in an atmospheric Gothic chapel where a magnificent Victorian organ dominates the space; It is best to have a separate location where insiders can enjoy performances. Thanks to the perfect acoustics, artists – whether it’s Roseanne Cash or Billy Bragg – is going to play world music bands or cabarets – everyone has the chance to show themselves at their best. All proceeds are spent on preserving this beautiful historic building. Come by, take a seat on one of the wooden church benches and enjoy your spiritual awakening.

6. Scala

Scala Nightclub

Scala was once a cinema, but today it is one of London’s finest clubs. This is London’s alternative club, and there is a wide range of live music on one of the four floors. The club is always open until 6 pm and is located on Pentonville road near Kings Cross Station.

7. Cafe de Paris

Cafe de Paris

A great place for spending a splendid nightlife in London. This former Jazz ballroom still has the appearance of the past. Every day live artists perform, and the atmosphere is always good. Because of the popularity, it can be hectic here so make sure you get there on time.

8. Fabric

Fabric Club

This is indeed a place for the electronic music lovers. The trendy club has three rooms where hip-hop, techno, electronic, etc. your body is pumped. The sound system is one of the best in the world, and the music is accompanied by beautiful light shows so quiet are not included. Fabric can be found in Gloucester Pl.

9. Herbal

Herbal Bar

This hip club is located in a former warehouse on the Kingsland Road in Hoxton. Herbal has several international DJs behind the decks every day and is not known as one of London’s coolest bars. There are mainly Techno, Drum n Bass, Funk and house turned and well-known names like Goldie and Fabio also regularly vibrate the walls.

10. Ministry of sound

Ministry of sound

South of the Thames, in Gaunt Street you will find the Ministry of Sound. The ministry of sound has been around since 1992 and is unique because of its non-alcoholic bar and its excellent sound system. Because of the success of the club, there are now worldwide locations in Hurghada and Shanghai. It is a perfect bar for enjoying the perfect nightlife in London.

11. China White

China White Club

China White can be found in the Air Street (near Piccadilly Circus) and is a club where much well-known British are also coming. The prices of the drink are also here to make sure you have enough money in your pocket. The exotic Asian décor and the well-known DJs throughout London make for a pleasant atmosphere, making it cozy until early in the morning.

12. Purple nightclub

Purple nightclub

The special at the purple nightclub is that he is located in the famous Chelsea stadium. The club has a dance floor, and both have a bar. The whole club has a purple décor that also explains the club’s name immediately. The club can be found at Stamford Bridge on Fulham road and is not to be missed.

13. Amika

Amika Nightclub

This one of the pricey club with up to up to 20 pounds entrance! Has three rooms with all their atmosphere. The club is gladly visited by several British celebrities including Jon Bon Jovi and Supermodel Agyness Deyn. Amika has an appeal on top DJ’s including Sam Young, the winner of the Best Dj of London Award. It is not surprising that the drinks are also well priced. Amika can be found in High Street in Kensington.

14. Movida


Movida is located near Oxford Circus underground station in Argyll Street. This luxury club has everything you expect from a nightclub. Celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Jay-z and Prince have also noticed that and are welcome to come here. It’s wise to put yourself on the guest list to avoid long waiting. The place creates a perfect atmosphere for for an amazing nightlife in London

15. Storm

Storm Club

In Hart Londen, at Leicester Square, you will find Storm. Dj’s runs a wide range of music styles including garage, R & B, house, and hip-hop. In addition to music, there are also stand-up comedians including well-known British comedians. The club is open from 22:00 to 03:00 and is easily reached by public transport.

16. Maya

Maya Club

Maya is a modern lounge club in Soho, which can indeed be measured with Clubs like Movida and Cafe de Paris. The sound system can be seen as one of the best in London, just like the excellent service. The successful concept will soon be found in cities like New York and Moscow so the Londoners can be proud of this beautiful nightclub. Maya can be seen in Dean-street in Soho.

17. Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

In an era where it’s not all that outdoors, and eccentric can be enough in London’s nightlife, it’s still this fun-filled tent for the working class that is competing for competition. When you enter here, immediately try the authentic, unpretentious, yet incredibly cool atmosphere of this East London gem. It is not even polished, and you need to take things often with a grain of salt to keep the growing trend feeling in the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Dance music, open microphone evenings, cabaret, games, call it up, it’s all here! Especially the gay evenings are favorite ; from all over London, the audience is flowing to this ‘best party of the city.’

18. Happiness Forgets

Happiness Forgets Club

The underground Hoxton bar was a pioneer in the world of artificial cocktails in London, and while many others come after them and go again, Happiness Forgets seems to be a place to be. The secret is not only in the drinks – those strong, advanced and perfectly mixed brews – but also in the atmosphere of the tent. The cellar is lit with candles and in a classic way, fresh and cool, at any rate. The lack of nameplates or other signposts outside creates a sense of exclusivity, but there is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Despite being in the middle of the trendy hip center of East London, this is absolutely a tent that is not a place for pretensions. “Great cocktails, no wallies,” announces their website: Great cocktails, no fools. That’s the perfect mix, do not forget it.

19. The Bussey Building

The Bussey Building

There is a lot of activity in the London district of Peckham today. With all the eateries and independent boutiques, this otherwise unpretentious neighborhood has become a nice competitor for East London on the scale of ‘cool.’ The Peckham effect is nowhere as good as in the Bussey Building. It’s a club that reminds you of an art center and warehouse at a time and it’s the place to visit in South London’s nightlife. They offer a tight selection of music for everyone, but their strength lies in the soul and funk, as well as reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop. Space is a maze where nothing has left the creativity, and in the summer you can even dance on the roof terrace. The place creates a perfect moment for enjoying the nightlife in London.

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  • Cheska J

    Cheska J


    I love how each of the listed establishments have their own vibes or how some of them serve a certain kind of crowd, it’s important we try to cater crowds of different interests or tastes. As for me, I’m eye-ing to try out Maya and Cafe de Paris, they just give off that ambience of a place I’d like to give my time to.

  • Ajas



    I’ve been to the Union Chapel times without number but each visit still feels like the first. Whenever I’m there, I get this feeling that we are really not alone in this world. Though I’m not very spiritual, I still feel the presence of supernatural beings around us when I watch performances at the chapel. I suggest

  • Ajas



    I’ve been to the Union Chapel times without number but each visit still feels like the first. Whenever I’m there, I get this feeling that we are really not alone in this world. Though I’m not very spiritual, I still feel the presence of supernatural beings around us when I watch performances at the chapel. I suggest people stop by once in a while to really get that experience.

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