My Brazil Trip

My Brazil Trip

My Brazil Trip

trip to brazil

I’m a person who loves to travel a lot and recently, I got the opportunity to spend few days in three of Brazils most visited cities. It was one of the most fascinating experiences that I had in my life. I booked my travel itinerary for 6 days in each and got into the flight from London Heathrow Airport to my first stop in Brazil, landing in Sao Paulo. After getting around the city of Sao Paulo, I headed to the bus port, took the bus and went straight to Salvador and then flew to Rio, it’s a long bus ride so safer and easier to fly with TAM airlines.

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Below mentioned are some of the most prominent destinations that I managed visit during my journey.

1.Pelourinho” in Salvador, Bahia

Pelourinho is a well-known city located in Brazil. I decided to visit this city in order to explore the fascinating Afro-Brazilian culture. During my stay, I also got the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of the historical neighbourhood at Pelourinho. It was a unique and a one of a kind experience, which I loved.


During the stay in Pelourinho, I got the chance to experience several attractions. Out of them, the colonial buildings that belong to the 17th Century fascinated me. I later got to know that it has been declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The Abelardo Rodrigues Museum and Museu da Cidade were two other prominent attractions that I loved enjoying during the stay in Pelourinho.
I loved to have my meals from Prédio do Senac because it offered a collection of simply Bahian dishes. When I went there in the evenings, I got the opportunity to experience a large number of folk events, including dance performances. I got the chance to enjoy those performances while having my meals.
The nightlife in Pelourinho was amazing as well. I was able to visit several nightclubs around the town. Pelourinho was one out of them. It is one of the most reputed nightclubs found in the area. In addition, I could visit Kombita Chopp – Na Garagem and Teatro Sesi. All these nightclubs are open throughout the night. Hence, I was able to dance till I drop. I must say that the best nightlife of Brazil can be found in here and I enjoyed every bit of it.


2. Campos do Jordão, São Paulo

I was able to visit Campos do Jordão, located in Sao Paulo during my journey to Brazil as well. This city reminded me of Sweden. It can also be considered as a city filled with romance. During my stay in Campos do Jordão, I fell in love with the chalets and quaint inns that are located around the town.

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I was able to witness a large number of tourist attractions during the time I spent in Campos do Jordão. Out of the activities that I took part in during the stay, visit to the Alberto Lofgren State Park was amazing. It is a massive park and I could enjoy the full day inside it. The park has got a large number of activities for the guests to take part and enjoy as well. In fact, I got the chance to experience fisheries, forests, lakes, barbecues, crafts shops, trails, restaurants, biking, chapel, showers and plant nurseries inside the park.

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During the stay, I was also lucky enough to visit Boa Vista Palace. There was an excellent collection of religious pieces, porcelains, furniture, paintings and silver for display at Boa Vista Palace. The decorations that I could see in Boa Vista Palace were amazing. Later, I figured out the true history behind these decorations, which impressed me. However, I could not get into Boa Vista Palace with my camera as they are prohibited.

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Out of the places where I enjoyed my food in this city, Safari was the best option. I loved their dishes, which included crepes, pasta and pizza. The best thing about the Safari restaurant was that all the available dishes were made in a firewood oven. They also had an excellent collection of wine to be served for the guests. I also visited Cervejaria Baden Baden during the nights because it provided me with the opportunity to experience the nightlife of Campos do Jordão. However, it was a bit crowded during the days I visited. But the micro-brewery didn’t disappoint me and I got the chance to experience a few of the finest drinks that I have had in my life.

3. Armação dos Búzios, Rio de Janeiro

During my stay in Rio de Janeiro, I got the opportunity to visit Armação dos Búzios as well. It is located in close proximity to the capital and I could reach my destination in a couple of hours. It was a great destination available to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hence, I was able to unwind myself during the stay.

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I was able to take part in a large number of outdoor activities during my stay in Armação dos Búzios. They included tanning, scuba diving and snorkelling as well. The beautiful beaches that can be found in the region have given life to all these fascinating outdoor activities.

The nightlife activities available for the guests to enjoy at Armação dos Búzios are outstanding as well. Due to the availability of an excellent nightlife, it is being called the “Stone Street” by the tourists. It is possible to discover a large number of bars, clubs and restaurants, which are open throughout the night.

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Out of the restaurants in this region, I loved Chez Michou. It offers authentic French style foods and drinks. On the other hand, I also preferred my visit to the Satyricon. I can consider it as the fanciest restaurant in the region, which offers delicious seafood. By visiting Pizzeria Capricciosa, I got the chance to experience authentic Italian food. The most popular nightclubs in the region include Zapata, Anexo and Pacha. I was lucky enough to visit all these three nightclubs and enjoy the night that I stayed in Armação dos Búzios. During my travels across this beautiful country, I must say… the best purchase has been a waterproof hiking bag, I really recommend for any traveller and you get check it out on OBV but I travel light so if you require more then maybe take a backpack and something with wheels..

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    Wow! Brazil looks like a trip to paradise, I’m from Mexico city, I lived in New York for 20 wonderful years and I don’t ever want to leave my beautiful country again but Brazil would definitely be an exception, (for visiting of course)…

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