Maui, Hawaii

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Maui, Hawaii

Maui is renowned for its beaches and interesting culture. If you love adventure by day and clubbing by night, this is the place to be in Hawaii. It is the second largest place in Hawaii. If you are on a business trip you will still find this place interesting but a little distracting because of the serenity and endless fun activities. It is best for travellers out for adventure or vacation.


One of the best places you should visit while in Maui is Molokini Crater. The snorkelling trip is fulfilling because it is the only place you will come across a submerged volcanic crater away from the coast. It is the best in the world, no doubt. Besides, Molokini Crater is also renowned for its wildlife and nature where a seabird sanctuary and marine preserve can keep you guessing the whole day.

A trip to Maui should not end without stopping by the Turtle Island. The giant animals on the sea are amazing; the sea Turtles are special and named after the region, Hawaiian sea turtles. The slow-swimming of turtles across the island through the light and shadows is satisfactory. You should not miss this magical view.


The cuisine styles in the island will make you reconsider your diet and food choices. Every corner has special traditional food with natural spices. Seafood characterizes Maui. You are likely to over eat at any sitting. It is simply impossible to stop tasting each of the delicacies. A great way to shed off the pounds is surfing. The Maui natives are specialists and will offer training at affordable rates. The welcoming locals will ensure you are safe and confident before allowing you to go alone.

While the beaches are natural, they are also sheltered to reduce wave turbulence that might scare off newbies in surfing. If you are new to surfing, this is the best place to start because of the gentle waves.

The beauty of Maui is incomparable; guests wait for sunrise to cruise. There is no better way to end a fun filled day at Maui than watching the sunset over the horizons. The evenings are calm thus perfect for island personal reflection and unwinding. Sipping tropical drinks is the common way of transitioning to nightlife in this part of Hawaii.

When planning for a trip to Maui, ensure you have these in consideration. It should determine the number of days you will be touring the region. Also, it helps you with budgeting. These are the highlights of Maui and you can’t afford to miss. Of course, there is more to the beautiful beaches and locals.

Things to do after Dark

MAUI nightlife

The island is active for a considerable part of the night, you can’t have enough of the locals in this region. Whether you like to party or want a calm evening as you slip to bed, you will love it here. In fact, you can continue exploring more of the island in the night. There are countless nightlife activities.

Dirty Monkey in Lahaina

The location of this new bar in Maui is perfect. It is on the main street with all the lights and buzzing street life. The balconies are the favourite places for most tourists. They are calm with incredible views of the sky. It is easy to tell the locals to esteem the place highly; the management is far from a letdown. The staff is professional and friendly no wonder it was voted the best new bar on Maui. Dirty Monkey attributes to the fresh and new look of Front Street. Cocktails and food varieties are amazing.

It is one of the few places you will find open at 2 am; if you love Whiskey, there is heaven for you here. Whiskey is unique because it is a blend of all the flavours across the world. The night is never boring with Dirty Monkey. The bar has a professional stage with proper lighting and high-tech sound system to keep you entertained for as long as you can withstand the Whiskey. Live bands, comedy shows, karaoke, and all kind of nightlife you desire is within Dirty Monkey doors. It is the best place for the last night in Maui to dance your night away.

Maui Friday town parties

Most probably, you have never heard about this, one of the responsibilities of the Maui county office is entertaining the locals. The Economic development division organizes a free town party every Friday in different locations. If you want to learn more about the Maui culture with regards to art and music, this a free and the best option. It is more of a family fun event; tourists also get a chance to explore the history of the town and taste most of the local delicacies. You can also shop for unique arts identifying the Maui culture and identify the best talent. It is a celebration of culture.

maui friday party

Irrespective of where you will be on a Friday, make sure you find out where the family fun party will be and attend. People of all ages are catered for with fun activities.

Sunset Cruise

If you want to spend the night enjoying nature, sunset cruise is a great option. There is a stable and spacious catamaran on Maui; the deep breaths and tranquillity on the ocean are irreplaceable. You will have access to wide variety of cocktails and appetizers with the background of traditional acoustic music by a live band.

Aboard the Pride of Maui means all the drinks are catered for. You will have unlimited access to beer and the premium cocktails for the most part of the night without ticket restrictions. Be sure to taste the local beer brew, which is a combination of red and white wine. The best chefs are also on board; the dishes here are warm and freshly prepared. Besides, you will be served with a variety of dipping sauces, ginger glazed chicken, and mouthwatering onion tartlets. The best-roasted vegetables are served on Pride of Maui. Yes, it is overwhelming but you can’t miss any taste of the delicacies. Don’t miss out on the dessert!

Where to stay

Maui is composed of two areas; the west and the south. Suitability of each side is dependent on your needs and budget. Each region has its unique features hence special.


Here are some distinguishing features of the two sides for your consideration on accommodation

The west

The west side of Maui is characterized by lush green mountains and beautiful horizons. It is also near Lahaina, the historic town renowned for boat harbour, restaurants, and shopping. The west has less traffic compared to the south.

  1. Kaanapali Beach

The large condos and luxurious hotels in this part of Maui attributes to its popularity. The hotels offer all kind of activities from snorkelling, beach activities, restaurants, to shopping centres.

  1. Honokowai, kahana, and Napili

west side of maui

The condos here are of wide variety and less costly than the Kaanapali beaches. Most of them are near the beach but far apart from each other. The hotels are not within walking distance.

  1. Kapalua

The region is the furthest on the North with few condos. In fact, there is only one hotel on the Northern side of Maui. However, the rain distinguishes this northern part from the west and south. It may not be the best place to stay but it depends with your preferences.

  1. Lahaina

While it is small, it is the main town for people in the West of Maui. All the hotels and condos in this region have their mailing address in the tourist town. However, none of the hotels is in the town. It is a good place to visit but not to stay because eth e essence of visiting Maui is spending time in the beach. Spending your nights here will be like a vacation in a city. The traffic congestion here can also be annoying.

The South

  1. Wailea

The luxury hotels and condos are more apart. They are not in a walking distance; you can’t walk in and out to compare prices like in Kanaapali. However, the environment here is quieter than on the Westside.


  1. Kihei

Kihei is to the North of Wailea. Accommodation is less expensive in this region. Most condos and hotels in Kihei are across the beach rather than on the beach. You have to cross to enjoy the water waves in the evening. Most of the hotels here lack air conditioning and maid service. The restaurants are not appropriate for family setups; also, the region has heavy traffic.

The South of Maui

The best place to stay

Every part of Maui is amazing. If you want a luxury hotel, go to Wailea or Kaanapali in the west. If you want a condo, go to Kihei in the South.

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