Live Music in Manchester

Live Music in Manchester

Manchester is one of the best World lively music scenes. Apart from the various venues, and they got a lot of history to prove this. You will see your favorite bands and local act in Manchester music venue. Here is our guide to the best music venue in Manchester.

Bridgewater Hall

This is an elegant venue both on the outside, and inside, the Bridgewater is one of the best live music venues in Manchester. This site has been since 1996 after the bombing that affected the city and symbolises the modern Manchester. They mainly used for classical music because installed in this venue is one of the best musical instrument in the United Kingdom from the pipe organ and other instruments that dominates the auditorium.

Bridgewater Hall Manchester
Bridgewater Hall Manchester

The Deaf Institute

This is another excellent venue in Manchester; The Deaf Institute hold the reputation for hosting the world-class artist visiting Manchester. This music hall works well for any artist from Hip-hop shows and low artist.  This venue also has the best disco ball in Manchester.

Manchester Arena

This might not be your best choice when it comes to living music venue, but trust me this is the best venue in the arena. This venue was built in the bid to hold the 2000 Olympics and has the busiest Arena venue in the world.

Manchester Arena

Manchester Arena
Manchester Arena

Eagle Inn

The Eagle Inn is about five minutes walking from the centre of the city. This has been one of the best venues by the locals. The location was well designed for a better sounding. This is the home for piano and highly packed with a classical album. They provide live music with a view on the balcony.

Eagle Inn Manchester
Eagle Inn Manchester

The Castle

The Castle is an excellent example of an old-school pub that has not lost its charm in any way.  You have wheel dealer and moustachioed bohemians at the bar, while the back room features one of the best and live music in the city. The pub closed down around 2008 due to hard times and starts operation in 2009 with the theatre and back lives music.

The Star & Garter

You will find this venue in red light district, this one of the nosiest places to connect with your favorite band in the city. This is one popular venue for live music in Manchester.



O2 Apollo Manchester

The Apollo has a popular traditional hall with a lot of graphics decoration in Manchester with years of history for performance. The huge stage and sitting arrangement allow you to get the best view of an event or live music.


Dulcimer Bar

Dulcimer Bar is the Hub of independent live music in South Manchester and hosts most of the upcoming band in Manchester. This venue is named after the 17th-century instrument and famous among the local folks.

Albert Hall

This location serves as the city’s Methodist Central Hall before, before it was transformed into one of the stunning live music venues in Manchester.

Manchester live music venues

Manchester Cathedral

Another church appeared on the list which shows that Manchester also hosts a lot of religious music event.  The Manchester Cathedral is a very active venue and a place worth visiting if you are staying in Manchester.


This is another great venue for live music, club and anything entertainment in Manchester. This venue hosts lots of upcoming artists. They have about two rooms to accommodate performance.

Soup Kitchen

This venue strikes a balance by offering canteen in the day and nightclub at night and this one of the best venue for most bands. This venue happens to be one of those jam-packed points in Manchester, and its good management is always looking for ways to offer you the best experience.

Antwerp Mansion

This is another Manchester music venue. The versatility of this venue is what set it apart from others because you can hire it for film or photographic projects. This venue is always open from Thursday until Sunday at night, with varieties of comedy and live music.

Kraak Gallery

This venue was founded in 2009 by the local artist to provide affordable exhibition space. The adjacent of Kraak venue is a nightclub and the space for live music and art.

Kings Arms

This venue is the home to the traditional pub, live theatre music.

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