Going Out In London: The Coolest Cafes, Bars and Clubs In London

Going Out In London: The Coolest Cafes, Bars and Clubs In London

London is known for its vibrant nightlife and is one of the best nightlife in the world. ‘Clubbing’ belongs to British culture, and if you are in London you want to take part of it! Below you will find the best nightlife in all of London and the list of coolest bars and clubs in London. Let’s go out!

Bars and cafes in London

1. The Big Chill

The Big Chill is a laid-back bar where you meet most locals especially, so if you do not mind all those mega touristic places. You can spend seven days a week chilling, drinking and eating in the afternoon, and in the evening you can relax well. On weekends (especially on Sunday) the Big Chill presents celebrations.

The Big Chill

2. The Vibe Bar

The Vibe Bar was popular with the locals before the Brick Lane entertainment venue became popular with the general public and tourists. The Vibe Bar has a club, concert hall, two bars and also a cozy terrace opposite the Old Truman Brewery. On Sundays, it is the busiest, but on all other days, you can go for shows and parties. The audience that comes here is very diverse, making it extra cozy.

The Vibe Bar

3. The Folly Bar

The Folly is a trendy bar where you can dine and bubble. The interior is very stylish and inspired by a trip around the world. The Folly is very popular with the Londoners, who often eat after work. As a result, you will need to find a place in good time and eat some sweets; The Folly is full at the end of the afternoon. You can enjoy delicious food at The Folly in the evening, but also during the day you can enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch, and brunch, and the cozy London locals and the laid back atmosphere.

The Folly Bar

4. Loungelover

Loungelover is a hip, glamorous cocktail bar, where you can enjoy the most delicious cocktails and Japanese snacks such as sushi and sashimi. Loungelover belongs to the restaurant Les Trois Garcons. Lounge lovers hang an exciting atmosphere. Modern lounge music is played, and the audience is young and hip, typical London. You have to book your night out here; you only enter Loungelover if you have reserved.


Clubs and Discotheques in London

5. Ministry of Sound

The Ministry of Sound is the largest and most famous disco in London. The Ministry of Sound is very popular with Londoners, but also with tourists. The three dance floors of The Ministry of Sound accommodate over a thousand clubbers, where they can celebrate until 9:00 in the morning. The Ministry of Sound is also famous for the crazy sound system; the best-known DJ’s in the world want to dance and dance to dance. The Ministry is ranked 4th of the top five best discotheques in the world!

Ministry of Sound

6. Fabric Nightclub

According to most club connoisseurs, Fabric Nightclub is the new Ministry of Sound and is currently the most popular disco. The fabric has even been named number two in the top five best discotheques in the world! There is a varied audience, especially for alternative music. In the weekends, some two thousand people can go loose in the Fabric.

Fabric Nightclub- Famous bars and clubs in London

7. Boujis

Boujis is a chic South Kensington club where celebrities and VIPs are often spotted. Boujis is now one of London’s most popular clubs, but coming in is not easy. In any case, put yourself on the guest list on the website. That does not provide a guarantee at the moment, but if you go a little early and make sure you look good (at least you keep the dress code), you are already in a good hurry. Important to know is that photographing in Boujis is not appreciated, and one reason is to turn you off.


8. Bar Rumba

This dance club belongs to the best clubs in London, and you can go there every night. On Monday, jazz, funk, and jungle will be played, on Tuesday, Latin and Wednesday. Thursday is a drum bass, Friday of funk beats and Saturday’s garage. So you can have a good party every day, especially on weekends when the best DJs are arranged. Also nice: you can follow salsa lessons at Rumba. Rumba flows early in the evening, so make sure you are early!

Bar Rumba

9. Corsica Studios

Corsica Studios is a somewhat smaller club in the ‘underground’ atmosphere, conveniently located opposite the Ministry of Sound. Corsica Studios won the award for England’s best smaller club two years in a row. Especially techno/electro turns, especially real music lovers and creative alternative club goers, making the atmosphere very relaxed.

Corsica Studios

Bars and Clubs in London

10. Absolute Icebar

This particular London bar is made up of ice cream. The glasses, the bar, the furniture, everything is of Swedish ice cream. The temperature is -5 ˚C, but with the thermal jacket, you are offered you are welcome and enjoy the atmosphere. That’s why you have to enjoy it because visitors can only stay for 40 minutes. You are, however, a separate experience richer! The Absolut Icebar is also located in Milan, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Barcelona. It is the reason for being known as one of the best bars and clubs in London.

Absolute Icebar

11. The Hems Dutch Café (One of Famous bars and clubs in London)

In the heart of London, better still: The hip Soho, you’ll find Café de Hems, the Dutch pub! In The Hems, the atmosphere of a cozy brown cafe hangs, and you can enjoy a Dutch beer, chat with Dutch bar staff and typically order Dutch delights such as bitter balls and a frikadelle special. The atmosphere is delicious Dutch and beautiful; the times are British: the Hems just like all English pubs at 23.00. It makes the Hems Dutch Cafe one of the coolest bars and clubs in London.

The Hems Dutch Café

12. Gordon’s Wine Bar

Do you like anything else, and do you like romanticism and a good glass of wine? Then a night at Gordon’s Wine Bar is a very nice getaway. Gordon’s Wine Bar is conveniently located near Charing Cross Station. The wine cellar dates from 1792, and Gordon’s Wine Bar is the oldest wine bar in London. In the historic wine cellar or on the beautiful terrace you can have a drink, you can choose from an award-winning and very varied wine list. Definitely after a busy day shopping or museums look very much worth it! It is one of the coolest bars and clubs in London.

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    Seadals Initiative


    Fantastic! This is such an amazing list and it’s sure coming at the right time too. The Loungelover interests me more and I think I will need to have a taste of their sushi and sashimi next time I touch London.

  • vivian sharks

    vivian sharks


    Ahh. The folly bar! My favorite. Though it’s always filled up with people whenever I go there but that’s because their foods and services are great. They serve delicious meals that appeal to one’s taste buds. Trust me, give it a try and you’ll be hooked.

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