12 Free Things To Do In Oxford

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12 Free Things To Do In Oxford

The city located at the South East region of the Country town of Oxfordshire and England. The place is well-known for its high-class educational Institute Oxford University. Also known as the dream university of students all over the world, Oxford University holds many historical and cultural records in its library. It also comprises of many famous restaurants and private hostels, hotels, where you can manage your stay. But the place comprises of many other beautiful sites and buildings which you will find exciting to know about. Following are the 12 free things to do in Oxford that you can enjoy during your stay in the City:-

Free things to do in Oxford

12 Free Things To Do In Oxford

1. Free Walking Tour

If you want to gain access to the history of Oxford City, then the free walking tours are the best choice. You will come across many interesting facts regarding the University, Harry Potter, student stories and much more. Well, Harry Potter is the main reason most of the tourists attend free walking tours. You can easily find many tour guides that provide free footprint walking tours to the visitors.

2. The College Evensong

There are 38 constituents colleges under Oxford, and most of them can be visited by the public members also. Some of the colleges charge fees to take the round of the college premises, which is certainly not good for you when you are tight on your budget. But there are many colleges which allow free entrance to their building. Some of the college’s host Evensong in the college chapel, through which, you can have a chance to glance over the college life and the beautiful interior of college.

3. Natural History Museum

The museum was founded in 1860 for scientific study at the University of Oxford. But now, it holds the significant collection of zoological and geological specimens. You can notice the growing pace of this place regarding Neo-Gothic Architecture, the natural environment research, etc. This museum is a perfect place for teaching and public engagement. The main attraction point of the museum is the Oxfordshire Dinosaurs, the swifts and the Dodo in the tower.

4. Christ Church Meadow

Located in the heart of the city this dazzling flood-meadow is so lovely that at very first glance, you will feel like that you have stepped in Heaven’s Grasslands. The place is a perfect destination for punting, jogging, picnic, strolling and to admire the University’s owned cattle, which is believed to be gifted by Bill Clinton. It is highly recommended to visit Christ Church Meadow whenever you ever come to Oxford City.

5. Sheldonian Theatre and the Radcliffe Square

The most beautiful public square in the Oxford City, the Radcliffe Square, with University Church at one end and Bodleian Library at the other. There’s also an iconic Radcliffe Camera in between both the buildings from where you can have a look around this beautiful area. In addition to this, you can also catch the concerts of the Sheldonian Theatre, rated No.1 in the whole city.

6. The Covered Market

One of the historical and old fashioned markets in the Oxford city is still a great destination to go for shopping. You can even see the carcasses of deer, pheasants, and turkey hanging from its rafters. It is a continuous reminder to every person visiting there that the place is still functional for shopping. The legendary Ben’s Cookies also lived in this location.

7. The Ashmolean Museum

It is one of the finest and oldest public museums in the United Kingdom. You can see the treasure it hides under its possession, from Contemporary China to ancient Egypt. The renovation done in 2011 has provided elegant surroundings to the place, making the view for people finer and experiencing.

8. Ancient Pubs

The Bear and the Turf, two of the oldest pubs in Oxford, were established in the 13th century. If you want to try the vintage feeling of bars regarding food and drinks, then these two are the perfect destination for that purpose. It is because the pubs were made before the restaurants and beer bars were discovered.

9. Pitt Rivers Museum

It is the fascinating place to visit if you want to learn about the world of archeology and the anthropology. If you want to know about any culture around the world, then better visit this place. Pitt Rivers Museum is a gigantic collection of historical things such as Masks from Africa, Hawaiian Feather Cloaks and much more.

10. South Park

The city is also embedded with some of the best relaxing and playing destinations such as the South Park. The park has a play area with a zip wire, where children’s can play and the fitness trail, where you can enjoy the jogging with your family. If you get lucky, then you can also get a chance to attend any of the event held in the park.

11. Museum of Oxford

Your trip to Oxford city is incomplete if you did not go to this museum. The place contains the detailed history of Oxford; it’s people and the cultural heritage of the city. You can explore the present and past of the town in a comprehensive manner, which will give you the idea regarding how fast this city is advancing regarding technology.

12. Panoramic View at White Horse Hill

One of the most Iconic landmarks of Oxfordshire, the white horse hill is the most exquisite and charming site of Uffington. The stunning panoramic view of this hilly area is the perfect place to hang out with family.

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