12 Free Things To Do In Manchester

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12 Free Things To Do In Manchester

Are you planning to visit Manchester, but tight on your total budget? No need to panic, there are many interesting things that you can enjoy without spending any penny from your pocket. The city has rich industrial heritage, world class shopping centers and iconic music scenes, which makes it one of the most popular cities in the United Kingdom. But to think that to enjoy your vacation in the city, will cost you regarding money will be wrong. Here’s the list of 12 free things to do in Manchester, to make your visit a memorable one:-

12 free things to do in Manchester

1. The Lowry

It is one of the great entertainment and art venue in Manchester City. The name of the place is inspired by the greatest painter L. S. Lowry, and you can also find the largest collection of his art work in this art gallery. In addition to this, there are many other paintings of world famous painters. If you are interested in knowing about the life of L. S. Lowry, then visiting The Lowry will be a very nice choice to make. And if you are lucky enough, then you may also get a chance to attend any of the event holds in the theatre.

2. Levy Market

Situated in South Manchester in Levenshulme, the market is held every Saturday and occasional on Friday evenings. In between March-December, you can find the wide range of good street, homeware, and unique gifts. All the products are displayed by the new and old artisans, which display their talent in their work. If you want to find about new products that Manchester can offer to you, then Levy Market is your right destination. And you can even get great free street entertainment too.

3. The Whitworth

It is also known as “The Gallery in Park.” because the place infrastructure is designed in the form of the garden. It contains sculpture terrace, art garden, and landscape gallery. When you go inside, you can find the finest collection of textiles, art and widest collection of best wallpapers of the country. If your timing gets suited to its calendar, then you may get a chance to attend to any of the events that held in this place.

4. Museum of Science & Industry

A museum is a great place to hang out with the family, and this science & industry museum is one of them. There are five main buildings, and one of them was the home to oldest passenger railway station. You can even glance at the role played by Manchester in bringing up the industrial revolution.

5. Piccadilly Records

The Manchester city is the birthplace to many famous bands such as The Stone Roses, Take That and The Oasis. The iconic record shop, Piccadilly Records opened in 1978 and is the world class Independent record store. This shop is a great place to visit if you are willing to find the music of your taste.

6. Media City

It is one of the world famous media destination, which is buzzing with many TV studios and media companies. When you visit the BBC, you will come to know that many of television programs have been filmed right here. The place has many exciting shops, bars, and apartments to make your stay. You can even apply to be the audience in any of the TV shows, or you can enjoy your evening walk along the Quayside.

7. The Runway Visitor Park

The name itself is sufficient enough to let you know about the place. The park is located near the Manchester airport runway and is the perfect place to see the take-off and landing of the plane. If you have kids, then the place also has the facility of children’s play area, and you can even grab your bit at the restaurant. You don’t have to pay for visiting or having a picnic in runway visitor park.

8. Manchester Cathedral

The Cathedral is one of the Grade-1 listed building in Manchester, with the history ranging from 700 AD. During the IRA and Blitz bombing, the Manchester Cathedral sustained severe damage, but now it is fully repaired. You can attend the free guided tour of the place, or you can even explore the place by your own.

9. John Rylands Library

Located on Deansgate, the John Rylands Library was built in 1890 in the memory of one of the successful industrialist John Rylands. The place looks just like a castle both from inside and outside. The place is now home for the books and manuscripts, which also includes the oldest pieces of New Testaments, known as St. John Fragment.

10. Metro Shuttle

If you want to take a round trip to the city center, then the metro shuttle is the best way to do so. Funded by the city council, the free hop service will let you travel across Manchester city via car parks, rail stations, business areas and shopping areas.

11. Queens Park Heywood

It is one of the historic parks and is a beautiful place to visit with family. For picnic and entertainment purpose, the Queens Park Heywood is an ideal location to visit. The site comprises of many facilities such as a large playground area for children’s and outdoor gym for adults. In addition to this, the park also has an outdoor theater, BMX track, and tennis court.

12. National Football Museum

For a die hard football fan, the National Football Museum is like an opening to the world of football legends. The museum covers the very detailed information regarding their football team from the beginning of this sport. You can even get the chance to go for penalty shoot-out on their national football playground.

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Free things to do in Manchester

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  • khan mashiur rahman

    khan mashiur rahman


    I watched the video about Manchester City from the first to the end. I am in love with this city. A historic city was visible in front of me with some brilliant events. I read the full blog description here about Manchester City. In the list of my travels I have put the priority above all in this city.

  • vivian sharks

    vivian sharks


    I was at the Levy Market during my last visit to Manchester and it was a great experience. I was able to go home with a few amazing artworks. I still have one of them in my Office in Edinburgh till today; perfect and well crafted. I also touched the Museum of Science & Industry and it is also a great place to be.

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