12 Free Things To Do In London

12 Free Things To Do In London

If you will ask someone in the Britain that which city is diverse regarding culture, politics, and economy, then probably the answer will be London. Known as the Capital of the United Kingdom, the London is also known as the best tourist attraction across the globe. This renowned city of Britain comprises of many activities and things which you can enjoy for free when you visit there. So here’s the list of 12 Free Things to do in London to have an exciting visit:-

12 Free Things To Do In London

Free Things To Do In London

1. Natural History Museum

With beautiful attractions and hundreds of interactive, interesting things to see, the Natural history Museum is one of the beautiful landmark building in London. You can have a chance to look at Dinosaurs Gallery, the world’s great mammals display with Blue Whale, etc. If you are lucky enough, then you can also join with Darwin Centre’s High-Tech Attenborough Studio Experts and participate in the discussion of nature and science.

Natural History Museum

2. Wellcome Collection

What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen in your life time? Well, the Wellcome Collection of the London is all about the collection of most mysterious things of Mankind History. The Mummified male, the medicine man, exhibiting spanning six centuries and Darwin’s Walking Sticks are some of the weird things that you can glance over. There are many other things that you will find very interesting when you’ll visit this place.

Wellcome Collection

3. Richmond Park

One of the largest park in London and home to around 650 deer, the Richmond Park. This landscape comprises of many ancient trees, plants, and animals, and grants a very peaceful site to its visitors. You will get astonished to know that there’s also two golf courses and playgrounds near the park, where you can have fun with the sports activities also.

Richmond Park

4. The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9¾

Remember the platform number 9¾ from Harry Potter movies? The platform from where Harry’s Magical Adventure started, now also exhibits the magic shop which surely looks like Ollivander’s Wand Shop. For a real fan, this place is like a heaven’s ground. You will find all the items related to Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw merchandise at a single location. It is a perfect place to visit along with your kids, and if you get lucky, then you may also get a chance to meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Voldemort.

5. Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace

The world’s famous “Changing the Guard” ceremony at Buckingham Palace can be seen and recorded from 10:45 am onwards. The service lasts for 45 minutes, which displays the culture and discipline of The Queen’s Guard. You can watch the ceremony without paying any fees and must go early to grab the perfect spot to watch the show.

6. Sky Pod Bar at Sky Garden

Constructed at the height of 150m above London in Sky Garden, the Sky Pod Bar provides a breathtaking view of whole London from the 35th floor. It’s a perfect place to enjoy your drink by just booking a free ticket to this sky pod bar.

7. Highgate Wood

The whole area comprises of the large variety of ancient woods, and you can notice a railway line crossing through the woods. The place is the perfect example of natural habitat for many species of animals and birds. The calm atmosphere and the view of wildlife habitat make it a satisfying place for visitors.

8. Epping Forest

A large-scale forest with grassland and wetland areas is also one of the London’s Special Conservation Area. The area of Epping forest consists of ancient grassland and woodlands which display the wide variety of rare insects and plants, which can only be seen in this forest.

9. London’s Musical Heritage

If you are a music lover and want to explore the London’s Rich Musical Heritage, then walk on the Soho streets and explore the area where the world’s famous artists and bands have performed. The legendary Jazz Club of Ronnie Scott, The Leicester Square Borderline for pop, indie, blues, and rock are some of the main music sports of this area. If you are guitar lover, then walk to the Denmark Street, known as the Tin Pan Alley and grab the different style and types of guitar for yourself.

10. British Library

The home of Sir John Ritbat Gallery, which comprises of the collection of world’s most significant treasures, can be seen without paying any fees. The place also includes Magna Carta, Lewis Carrol’s manuscripts, Shakespeare’s First Folio and many other historical things. If you know about the Leonardo Da Vinci, then you will be excited to know at this Library also has his drawings under their possession. The entry to the British Library is free of cost, and if you are lucky enough, then you may get a chance to see the Major Paccar Gallery Exhibition also.

11. Tate Modern

Your visit to London will never be complete without a trip to Tate Modern. It is one of the Britain’s famous National Museum, which exhibits the full range of contemporary and modern art from all around the world. The museum is located in the former Bankside Power Station on the Banks of Thames River. The artistically minded person better knows the feeling of admiring the work of legendary artists.

12. Chinese New Year

Every year, over thousands of individuals, gather in the West End to wish each other “Xin Nian Kuai Le” or in English “Happy New Year.” You can also get a chance to attend the Chinese New Year Festival in Central London, which takes place at Trafalgar Square, Chinatown. It is the perfect time to have fun with different Chinese festivities and foods.

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