12 Free Things To Do In Cardiff

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12 Free Things To Do In Cardiff

A visit to Cardiff is not the expensive one, as there are many things that you can do without spending any money. Granted the title of youngest city of Europe, the city has a fascinating and rich history. You will be delightful to learn about the charms of this town. For people of every age group, the city has different things to offer. The top 12 free things to do in Cardiff are given below:-

Free things to do in Cardiff

Free things to do in Cardiff

1. Chapter Arts Centre

A perfect place to make your creativeness come true, the Chapter Arts Centre comprise of plenty of glittering art galleries which shows the passion of different artists from all over the world. Whether it’s about the current trendy or the time of old age empires, the gallery displays the art work every period. The place also has a cafe and bar, where you can grab some snacks after exploring the Art Centre.

Chapter Arts Centre

2. Glamorgan Canal Nature Reserve

Located at the Forest Farm Road, Whitchurch, the Glamorgan Canal Nature Reserve holds the beautiful collection of city’s wildlife. If you want to relax your mind and spirit, then this reserve is the perfect place to visit. The trees, flowers, and the wildlife including herons and Kingfishers displays the rich wildlife heritage of Cardiff city.

Glamorgan Canal Nature Reserve

3. National Museum of Wales

The place holds the excellent collection of botany, zoology, archeology, geology and fine art in just a single building. Even the building structure of the National Museum of Wales is worth of watching. If you are the fan of Jurassic Movie series, then you surely going to love the dinosaur exhibition. And on the top of it, the entry to the museum is free of charge. It is one of the best free things to do in Cardiff.

 National Museum of Wales

4. Picnic in the Park

This beautiful city of UK has the broad range of public parks, whose beauty and gracefulness is worthy of admiring. If you want to have some family picnic then, Roath Park, Victoria Park, Bute Park and Thompson Park are the perfect spot to have some family fun. These beautiful parks display the beautiful work of nature with the different kind of trees and flowers grown. Chill out at the grass or go for a walk at the peaceful river side, it’s all up to you.

Picnic in the Park

5. Llandaff Cathedral

Over the centuries, the Llandaff Cathedral has rebuilt over and over again, which shows the great history of this place. Located on the 6th-century Monastery site near Taff River, the main attraction point of this place is the uniqueness of the combination of both, older and modern building structure style. You can take these moments along with you by clicking photos with Cathedral building. Even the interior is worthy of looking onto.

Llandaff Cathedral

6. Cardiff Story Museum

If you want to know about the legend of Cardiff City, then visiting the Cardiff Story Museum will be the best choice to make. The place tells the untold story of the town like it’s culture, people and the things that this city has offered to the world. The transformation in the lives of individuals can be easily seen in the museum. From the smallest market town in the 1300s, to becoming one of the world’s biggest port in 1900, the whole journey is shown in this story museum.

Cardiff Story Museum

7. Enjoy Bike Ride over the Barrage

Penarth Marina is the great place to take your kids for a motorcycle or scooter rides. The area is 1 km in length, stretches right around to the Bay. You can even find the playground structured as the Fab Pirate Theme, which is a nice place for little kids to have some fun. In addition to this, there are many information points and educational trails to provide you knowledge regarding things going around the world.

Enjoy Bike Ride over the Barrage

8. Riffle Through Arcades

The arcades of Cardiff are wrapped like the ribbons around the city. It offers some of the most different shops, from book shops full of forgotten pages smell to the music stores, which will take you back to the vinyl age. You will simply get enamored with the beauty of Cardiff by taking a leisurely walk around such undercover centers. It will not even cost you a penny.

Riffle Through Arcades

9. St. Fagans National History Museum

If you wish to know about the historical past of Wales, then visit the 100-acre open air National History Museum. It comprises of re-erected buildings from different ages, which includes old butchers, ironsmiths, workmen’s instituted and schools. On the ground levels, you can see the native breed of livestock which is farmed daily, and also the celebration of cultural dance, festivals, and seasonal music.

St. Fagans National History Museum

10. Amelia Trust Farm

It is a 160-acre working farm and the most loved place among the people. If you have kids, then don’t miss the opportunity of bringing your children’s here. You can see the full range of animals in this peaceful Amelia Trust Farm, located outside the Cardiff in Barry.

Amelia Trust Farm

11. The Beauty of the Street Art

The town itself is the biggest collection of street art; the brightened and painted streets of Cardiff, designed by welsh minds. No matter which part you visit in the city, you can feel the grace of the creativeness done on the streets. It is one of the biggest reason to visit the town during the vacations.

The Beauty of the Street Art

12. Geocaching

You visit the Cardiff and go back without trying this exciting game will never make your trip complete. The people of Brecon Beacons National Park have planted over 180 caches all over the place. You can try to find these caches if you have the GPS on your phone. It is a funny, exciting and adventurous activity, which you can enjoy with your children’s also.


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    I am glad I found this. I will be in Cardiff in few weeks time and I have been wondering what could be the amazing places I could visit to spice up the visit. The review is just timely. I will love to see the National Museum of Wales; it will be a nice place to take my favorite shots.

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