I am a Tourist and I want to know if Vietnam is safe for me at all?  



I am a tourist and I got a huge passion for it. I want to extend my tour to Vietnam but I am a bit concerned about my safety there. Does anyone have an idea of how safe Vietnam is and I will appreciate if you could hint me on certain areas I should rather avoid?

Thanks, as I await your helpful replies.

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I wouldn’t say Vietnam is not safe for you to stay, as a matter of fact, I see it as one of the safest places for tourist. However, during my first tour there, I had some few people trying to take advantage of me, which is normal for almost all places. All the main tourist cities and surroundings are safe. I will just advise you keep aware of your surrounding a bit of common sense, and you will be fine.


The only danger I see in Vietnam is the road. Apart from that, Vietnam is extremely safe, but common sense will sure keep you going. Don’t gamble, don’t get drunk, don’t take valuables with you, keep your things safe, and don’t get into argument with the locals.

Also, I need to tell you; don’t do drugs, don’t take a taxi outside a tourist attraction, and don’t wonder with too far with your new friend. I am sure you understand that. You will surely be safe.


Trust me, Vietnam is extremely safe and full of fun!


For me, Vietnam is one of the safest places I had traveled to. However, I will want you to worry about the several annoying, nagging vendors you will meet and just be prepared for them.

A simple tip out of that; don’t argue with them. Just say ‘No’ or you allow your guide say ‘No’ for you. Do not let it spoil your experience.


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