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Hi all,

Firstly, I'm new to this forum and looking forward to all your tips and advice.

In April I plan on travelling to Las Vegas on my own, eventually meeting up with a friend.

Included in my potential trip I will be going to San Diego and LA as well as LV.

I'm after some advice as a first time visitor to these places. Any tips/advice on things to do, places to go, things to bring, etc. Recommended amount of money required for a two week trip. I'm not a massive gambler or eater.

I have a question about traveling to the USA and travel documents. What travel documents are required to travel to the US as a British Citizen? 

I would like to ensure I have everything in place before booking my trip.

Thanking you all in advance



I am sure you will have lots of fun on your travel. I've been to LA and I loved it. It is definitely in my top 5 places to visit. The beaches are great, and I would definitely recommend the OUE Skyspace that LA has to offer. It isn't expensive and the sight is just amazing! Las Vegas I haven't visited but my friend did and she said it really is like in the movies, with the lights and the gamble. It also is very expensive. 

About the documents, I think the visa is required, at least it is when you travel from the USA to GB. But I don't think that will be a problem. Have a great trip! 

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I have been living in Texas for about 5 years and have spend a lot of time traveling around in America and seen a few great places. And I did visit Vegas as well. And we all know the place from TV, movies etc. The strip and more. But what most people do NOT know is that is is perfect to look around Vegas. Go to the Hoover Dam, visit the ghost towns around Vegas. Walk in the desert. 

I did that, and came across some pretty interesting places, and people.

So, my suggestion for your trip would be : " Do not go only to the tourist places, but discover the area around it".


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