want a unforgettable adventure try Georgia  



Worked in Georgia 7 years ago and fell in love with this beautiful country, beautiful people, then married one. Highly educated and kind folk treat you as family . such a diverse and exciting country I never get tired to return. For all that want a unforgettable adventure try Georgia!

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What kind of work did you do there?


It was the installation of a security x ray machine in Tbilisi airport


i think but not sure Georgian language and culture are unique not European. Geographically it is located in western Asia. Europe ends in Istanbul. You need to brush up your geography and history a bit.


hmm Georgian alphabet are unique, it's Kartvelian, who is denying that? But Georgian traditions are much more equal to Europeans than Asians, I'm studying history and geography, who are you to tell me? Try to read more about transcontinental countries.


Do you really think traditional Georgian tales and songs are any closer to, say, the eastern european ones, let alone western, than the middle eastern ones? It's true that we share cultural elements from both Europe and Asia, but that's all. The roots of it are pure Caucasian (I mean the region, not the "race").

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