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I’m currently 30 years old I’ve spent the last 4 years with my partner and she’s decided she wants space and be on her own. It’s no ones fault it’s just happend like this. We have travelled loads together and I’m well travelled my self. Anyway I’m thinking about taking this time to do it again struggling to think of places to hit and go I don’t really want to go back to places I have had fond memories of with her.

Do you think the headspace will be good to pack up and and leave my job and go for a few months?

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Depends how easy you'll find a job after you're back.

I am not the kind of guy who needs a total break after being disillusioned, so I would not necessarily recommend leaving your job. Besides the only time I went on a trip after being dumped was a total disaster, if it were to be redone, I'd first settle and then go on a trip.

But what works for me might work differently for you.


Money won’t be an issue, i could away for a few months and not work. I don’t want to be to quick to make a decision, but I feel time away would be nice I’m just not sure the situation is a mess at the moment but I feel progress from 2 months ago.


Then take some time away !
Maybe a trek in the desert or say in Patagonia...


you know if you quit your job how difficult it would be to get to the same position you are at now. Would your company take you back?


I’m not even sure I want to stay in my position but I agree maybe taking the remaining holidays I have and doing them in one go. Tbh I wouldn’t say I have been happy there for a while. Travel is on my mind. Anyone suggest and solo travel in Europe? I’m in the uk so it’s easier for me cost is low. Any suggestions would be greatful


There are cheaper places in Europe (Portugal, Hungary and others) away from the tourist areas, but I'd suggest it'd be cheaper travelling further away.


I see Thanks any other suggest ?


I loved India and South East Asia, but without knowing where you've been already, I don't know if they're valid suggestions...
Some idea of your travel interests may help as well...

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