My first experience in Thailand  



I have always wanted a place to share my experience with other travel enthusiasts about my first visit to Thailand! It was terrible but whenever I recount the story, I end up laughing really hard!

I wanted a cool place for my long-awaited vacation and I just picked Bangkok because I’ve heard and seen a lot of pictures of the lovely places. First, I got to check in to a hotel and booked a room online (I always do that before leaving). Booked a flight too and I was off. I got to the city, got my booked taxi waiting and got in. halfway to my hotel, the driver got off a call and explained to me that there had been a mix-up and he was going back to pick the original person that book him. He apologized and I got off, to take another taxi.

Later my taxi driver who was supposed to pick me up in the first place called and apologized for not showing up at the airport and not calling on time.

At night, I was enjoying the view from my window when I heard a knock and it was the manager coming to apologize that there was a mix-up somewhere and I had checked into the wrong room. It was the room of an executive who also booked a room. To be honest, the room was way luxurious than I expected but I thought it was just my luck. I humbly left the room to mine and slept off immediately.

In the morning, my tour guide arrived and we went out. I was taken to amazing places and halfway through the tour, I got a call from someone and he introduced himself as my guide and asked where I was for he has been waiting for an hour in my hotel. At the same time, the guide that was with me got a call and it was the person who had booked him.  I had to pretend I understood the whole mix-up and allowed him to leave while I canceled my own tour. The frequent mix-up is starting to give me a headache.

Reaching my room, I learned the same person I had left the room for was the same person who booked the previous guide I was with. I became exhausted and just rushed my supper and went to bed.  For the rest of my stay, I didn’t book anything else and went around on my own. On the day I was to go back home, I went to check out of my hotel room and I met the manager who was speaking to a customer and was talking about two people who had same names, came from the same place to the city, had a lot of mix-ups from rooms to tour guides to taxi and even kitchen order. I wanted to join in, but I decided not to. On my flight home, I wondered if there was really such coincidence where people with same names would actually get their bookings mixed up by the system in different cases?

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Awwwwwwch. I feel your pain! I have actually gotten my luggage mixed up on a train. We both had names on it and the bags looked alike too!

I was home already before I realized the mistake! It was horrific and I was glad I could go back to the train station and report. I got my luggage later but the incident wasn’t pleasant at all!


OMG! That may be funny but I can imagine what you must have been through! Three errors in a row??! Such a vacation would definitely not be forgotten in a horror.


Jeez! I would really not want to experience this please! I am a very impatient person and if I ever get to be in your shoes, I’ll definitely have disagreed and demand refunds at each point!


Lol.. this is kinda funny! Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but such an incident is surely enough to get me rolling on the floor! If I was to be the person, I would have gone ahead to meet the executive guy and take photos and coffee with him while sharing crazy stories! Hey! I just like such stuffs!


I hope after all these stress you still enjoyed your stay in Thailand? I also hope you visited some of our islands because they are amazing and would sure ease you of all stress. Next time you come around, try to hook up with a native to get the best tour and enjoy the place through the lens of a local. Sorry about your ‘bad’ first experience.


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