I am going to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Advice is needed!?  



I am planning on going to Port Elizabeth in South Africa to volunteer at a Wildlife Sanctuary for two weeks. Please help me make a check list for going to South Africa since this will be my first time traveling from where I live! Any advice for me? I really do need it!
  Hahah Twatusay, no worries I have no actual piercings! That photograph is not of me, I just thought it was kind of a neat picture (this was quite a while ago, and I just have forgotten to change it). So the flashing of anything expensive will be no problem!

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The people for whom you are going to work, sponsors of the program, certainly would supply you with all that information.I would advise you to remove your lip plug because somebody is going to rip it out of your lip. Anything of presumable value on display is subject to loss.


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