pretty unique experience  



The beauty of the canal can only be appreciated if you know the history behind it. Just like Pearl Harbor: If you don't know it's history, its just another building. The Alamo? Same thing. We could keep going. And there is only another one in the whole world, so its a pretty unique experience you wont find anywhere else.

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I am planning a trip to Playa Bonita, Panama in January 2019 with a bunch of friends. Great ideas.


 really nice but if you're looking for an amazing trip and outstanding beaches go to San Blas. It consists of more than 300 islands and every island is prettier than the last one.


Thank you for the tip. Sounds awesome do you have pictures? The Playa Bonita trip is a freebie from work that we will go on and we will look into the San Blas excursion for the next trip.

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