Travelling to Mexico in June  



Hello All!
We have booked a family vacation to Mexico in March and we are super excited. I’m wondering if anyone has any tips they would like to share for travelling with a 10.5 month old?
I am currently doing a breastfeeding and formula combination, plus 3 full meals per day. I would have loved to exclusively BF until post vacation but I am returning to work the following week and therefore I am starting to wean my daughter now, however I still plan on breastfeeding at least 1-2x per day on our trip and after I return to work (most likely at night and in the morning).
I am also wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a sun cover for over a Beco carrier? Our daughter loves the Beco and we plan to use it a lot in Mexico.
Cheers to sunshine and margaritas!

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I am also travelling to Mexico beginning of April... I never thought I'd bring a baby on vacation with me, but I can't imagine leaving him at home with the grandparents, even though they are begging me to! I'm super nervous, I'm an anxious traveller to begin with. No advice from me, but I'm follow to see what others say. My son is super active, will not let me put him in his carrier any more 🙁 and just wants to go go go. I'm the most nervous for the plane ride.


I am also going to Mexico!  I know at our resort we will have a microwave so I am bringing the bags to sanitize the bottle after I use it.  I am bringing bath books because they are light and can go by the pool.  For the plane ride I will bring our iPad with downloaded kid shows from Netflix, and some snacks, and also bringing my nursing pillow just because it will be more comfy for him to lay on.  Following this thread and hoping some others share some ideas.



Well I am going before you so I can let you know how it went . We are also taking my two other children (ages 7 & 8) and traveling with my SIL who has 18 month old twins (I pity the people on our flight hahaha).
That being said, I also think it’s important for couples to have some alone time and your baby would probably be in great hands with the grandparents. The person it will be hardest on is you but perhaps some rest and margaritas would help that to


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