I am Going Maxico day for a trip. Suggest place to go  



Hey! So female solo traveller here. And I'm not gonna lie I'm a little terrified since I've only solo travelled in Europe. This is a last min trip for me, before I start a new job!

I'll be arriving and leaving from Mexico city, what are some amazing places I can visit? Safety is a top concern for me so I'll be staying eastern/southern cities

Food is a big focus of mine, especially vegan food. My dream would be to learn how to make some food from locals

I'd like to relax and feel safe

Hostels? Worth it? should I just stay in hotels?

How about meeting people? Locals or tourists?

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Vegan food in the area will blow you away. Check HappyCow for vegan restaurants and food stands (there are many). Check to see if the vegan markets will be happening when you’re in town — Bazar la Veganeria or Bazar Vegano y Artesanal in Mexico City, others in other cities. There are many vegan cooking classes/workshops, but I think they’re all in Spanish.


YESSS!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/2118253781792098/ The vegan market is there when I'm visiting! Thank you!!


Love Mexico City! I recommend La Condesa area, fantastic vibe and food. Make sure you check out the floating markets. The best thing I did in Mexico was a border crossing simulation in a park two hours north of Mexico City.


omg I had no idea this was a thing. Really excited to see it!


If you’re looking for a cool bar I’d recommend Pata Negra, had a blast when I was there, everyone was really nice and felt safe there, good music too!


Thanks nadir for your reply i will look at it


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