First trip to Europe and first stay in hostel. (London)  



Hello! I'm traveling to Europe in October and I'm deciding between a few hostels in London. I need something in a a good location for a first timer in the city, and safe because I'm a young female traveling alone. Mainly location is one of my top concerns.

I'm looking at Wombats City Hostel, SoHostel, Generator, St Christopher Liverpool, Rose and Crown and DEFINITELY open to suggestions on what you've liked.

I am nervous about staying in one for the first time, I'm very introverted and enjoy my space but London prices are making hostels the smartest choice. Plus i've heard hostels can be a great experience so I figure I should try at least once.

Or I also found a good Air BNB near Regents park, but i am starting to second guess the location since it's kind of far out from everything. I know that was a ramble but I need lots of advice haha! Thanks in advance.

2 Answers

can't give you any advice for London - but as an introvert, I find I do better in hostels with privacy curtains. Gives me the option of either being sociable, or closing the curtain and having my own space. Also I prefer smaller dorms, because I'm not so overwhelmed with all the people.


That definitely sounds like the way to go, thanks!


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