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'm heading to Nepal in March for 7 nights, not long enough to bite off a large/circuitous trek like many plan for in Nepal. One person recommended spending 2-3 days in the Kathmandu Valley and then flying to Pokhara and exploring a bit. Someone else recommend flying to Lukla to experience the flight and then spending a night or two. What alternative plans might you suggest if you're a solo traveler and have a week to spend in Nepal?

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If you end up going to Pokhara, you could hike up Sarangkot. It's just outside town and you can get to the top in a few hours (maybe even one hour). The views of the Himalayas are incredible. Alternatively, you can rent a motorcycle and just ride to the top. This is what I did, because I'm lazy. Taxis will take you up there, too.Many people will spend the night in a guesthouse just below the top so they can get up early and watch the sun rise from the view point. The main problem with this is the guesthouses themselves. They will overcharge you for everything.


What about trekking as a solo female? I will be heading to Nepal on my own this spring, and will hopefully pick up some hiking buddies in Kathmandu on the way--but if I happen not to meet anyone interested in the same trek, is it safe for a girl to do a trek on her own, or with a porter/guide? If not, would a trekking company or group be a good option for a young, fairly budget conscious backpacker?


If you're doing one of the popular treks, it's perfectly safe, since you are virtually guaranteed to meet other solo trekkers--most likely you'll have a little group by the time you get off the bus.


I definitely agree! Thanks for the website. What trek did you do, just out of curiosity?

Oh, and a question about the site, is it for finding a group trek/package or other trekkers to meet up with?


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