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Hey All! I will be in Muscat for a summer internship. I am looking for a sublet. Does anyone know where I should start searching for that? Is there a website or fb group? I will be working in Al Khuwayr North. Which neighborhoods should I look at? I probably won't have a car so I would need public transportation.

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Public transportation in muscat is close to nonexistent. Let me rephrase that. I would rather rent a car just so it’s convenient/ easy to explore Houston. I’m not aware of sublets in muscat but al khuwair and quorum are nice places to live ! Have you looked into furnished apartments?


Ah, okay. So renting a car is best? Do you know if it's expensive? I'm on a pretty tight budget. I would definitely like a furnished apartment. Is there a website were I could find one? I'm in the US right now so it's hard to do anything in person or on the phone. Thanks!


Well I’m in the us right now too lol. I think if you can drive in the states you can drive there. It’s the same rules as us just don’t run a red light as it’s a night in jail 😕 Just google furnished apartments in muscat and you’ll find them. I’m not sure about the price but I would also check olx Oman and the rental car websites in the us. They have all the major brands like Avis and national


Okay, awesome. Thanks!


Try bookings.com for hotel apartments. They are furnished and come with a kitchen, living room, dining etc.. a good area (good prices, as well as walking distance away from restaurants, highways) is Al Khuwair. Its not that far from the beach either (about 5 - 8 min drive). Buses are the cheapest option for transport.


hmm yeah thanks brother

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