while drinking the coconut milk  



Didn't we nuke near that location in the late 1940's into the late 1950 several times over? Radiation fallout drifts everywhere. Don't believe any studies by the U.S. government. I think the guy got a good dose of Strontium-90 residue while drinking the coconut milk. YIKES! I wouldn't worry too much about scuba diving because the radiation in the water was diluted years ago.

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Thats Majuro and no thats not where they drop the atomic bomb......castle bravo testing took place on bikini islands read ya bible sumtime


My country contains 29 different atolls and 5 isolated coral islands. Cody went to Majuro, which is the Capitol City, Bikini on the other hand is where the so-called "Atomic Testing" took place. Look it up.


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