Can you avoid the toll bridge going 65 south?  



We are heading south later this fall down 65.

I guess the new bridge is a toll bridge?

Do we have to use that one or can we use the old bridge without a toll?

What should we do?

2 Answers

Yes, you can avoid the toll but you will have to get off the Interstate. As you get close to the river, get off I65 Southbound onto 31E going south. I can't remember the exit number, but that will take you across the Clark Memorial Bridge onto Louisville's 2nd Street. Take a left on Market or Liberty then a right on 1st street and you can get right back onto 65 South.


You would end up taking Exit 1 on I-65 South (the second to the last exit before the bridges). The names on the signage show it as "Stansifer Avenue/10th Street" (with the US-31S logo on it as well). Like Lloyd posted, you'll be going over the Clark Memorial Bridge (it's narrow and only two-lanes - not a divided highway) and, after exiting the bridge, continue to go straight past the intersection of Main Street (that runs east to west) and go up to the next street (Market). Turn left on Market and stay in the far right lane, turning right (south) on to 1st Street. Take 1st Street past the intersections of Jefferson and Liberty Streets. Immediately after Liberty Street, there will be a ramp to I-65 South. But - like said above - it's more trouble than it's worth. If you come during the weekdays, you'll hit work traffic and HEAVY construction on the surface streets. And if you come over the weekends, you would need to be sure that there weren't any road closures on the surface streets for festivals, etc. If you use the EZPass system, you can get across the Lincoln Bridge for a discounted price. And - note - that the bridges don't actually have "toll booths." You drive across the bridges (without stopping) and a camera takes a picture of your license plate and then mails you the bill.


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