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I've been living in India more than 5 years as a Foreigner. Before coming to India, I had a lot of concerns in my mind about cleanliness, safety, food, housing etc. But now I can say that India is one of the best and peaceful Country with its rich and colorful culture and Indian’s are one of the nicest and friendliest people in the world. I am extremely happy living in this country with this sweet people

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The major problem with india is population. At the time of independance india population is only 35 crores, but now it has gone up to 135 crores. If the government might have taken steps to control population our country miht have became richest in the world.The greatness of india is people of different caste, religion, languages live together, where in other countries it is not there.srinivasa murthy


From India with love very true. india had a lot potential (and has). most problems have something to do with over population. not only in india but in most regions of the world. earth would be like paradise with modern tech and knowledge and population of 1800. not only for people.


U will never believe but counght place is much much expansive then Dubai Hong Kong Macau Tokyo . Many city's of Europe .. tnx to visit here...


yeah i know btw Thanks! I really appreciated this video, great advice!

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