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I am from South Africa and visiting family in Oregon and looking at venturing to another state. It will be for my mom and I . We will fly from Portland and looking at 5 nights accommodation in one spot as I am not keen to road trip . My wishlist is stunning lakes/mountain scenery with a cute village to walk around / nice restaurants - preferable a spa or retreat with swimming pool. I know this is broad but if a get a general area I will source accommodation , I have travelled to banff and jasper and loves it beyond words - so anything a little similar in Idaho ?

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I will limited my Idaho response to North Idaho - Coeur d' Alene or Sandpoint, Idaho. About a 7 to 8 hour drive from Portland via interstate and major highways. Mountains not quite as rugged as Banff or Jasper but both are on very big lakes offering great water recreation opportunities along with mountain recreation, Sandpoint is a smaller version of Coeur d' Alene, Coeur d' Alene can be very busy in summer with both out of town tourists and day trippers coming from surrounding areas. Lots of info on both on the internet, both have great visitor centers Web sites: One area not in North Idaho and a little off the beaten track you might want to consider is the Wallowa Mountains area around Enterprise and Joseph, Oregon. Very scenic.


Visit Sun Valley...its a short flight from Portland..has all you want.You do not say when this trip is...Google Ketchum Idaho..Sun Valley..full of history, hot springs, at the base of a 9,000 foot mountain. small town, easy walking , fabulous restaurants..lots of spas...(stay in the SV lodge)..we have it all...Love where i live. Let me know if i can be of more help.


Hi Mathew - Take a look at Shore Lodge in McCall..


Thanks so much - traveling mid May. Will take a look.

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