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I'll be travelling next month to Europe by myself most of the time. Is there any other people here who are doing it as well? I didn't book with any tour agency. My trip will be Bhudapest- vienna- prague- berlin to amsterdam then back to aussie. I'll be staying 3 to 4 days each city. This will be my 1st time in europe. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Sounds like a good taster trip. It sort of sells itself, as all those destinations have massive resources at your disposal. I assume you're doing it by train. Do you have any time budgeted for smaller places on the way, or is it just the cities? Every one of those cities will easily have enough to keep you occupied for 3 or 4 days. Bonne Chance!


Yup i'll be going to country sides only if 1 spend 2 days in the city and 1 evening for night life


In Budapest I'd recommend you try some of the spa baths. Szechyeni is the fanciest and (in my opinion) best, well worth an evening visit.


I've noted your point and i will search it when it is nearer. Have no time for jetlag lol.


Anne Frank- pre-purchase tickets online and find the side black door without the massive queue. I loved it. Apparently, there is a walking tour that takes you to all the areas of importance to the Frank family which was also highly rated.


Thanks nadir very appreciate

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