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we're visiting from Australia from the 3rd to the 10th and it seems to have decided to rain for most of that week. Any ideas what to visit in the rain? I mean it has flash flood warnings! (surely it isn't that bad!?!!) Still hoping to do some shopping, visit Pearl Harbour and maybe dive with the turtles if we can. Maybe a luau at diamond head. Are any/all of those things impacted by the rain?

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Flash flood warnings are common with rainfall. It doesn't necessarily mean that it'll cause everything to go underwater. It just means lower-lying areas or areas near streams may experience larger puddles than usual. 


cheers, that's what I thought but it's a bit of an expense to not worry a little! will chase up the other posts 🙂


If there are things I would not suggest to do during rain, it would be hiking and swimming. Obvious reasons. We do have museums, shopping malls, musical events, restaurants, and bars so don't be too discouraged. 


We've had basically 1 day of island-wide rain... 1 day on Kauai. 1 day on O'ahu. 1 day on Maui. I get that people don't want any rain on their vacation, but we've had beautiful weather.


Does the air temp make a difference? I'm hoping a wet 28 feels warm at least. Don't mind swimming in the rain if it'd warm!

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