GROM Gelato in Florence, Venice and Rome  



Does anyone know why Rick Steves stopped recommending GROM gelato in his guidebooks? We are finishing a 3 week trip to Italy, and we got started on GROM by Rick Steves from prior Rick Steves Guidebooks - where he had only good things to say about the company. But in the hardback Italy 2017 (which I bought last fall), and in the current Italy 2018 (Kindle), GROM has been removed as a recommended gelato place.

When we were in Florence, Venice and now Rome we tried several of the current Rick Steves recommended gelato places, and quite frankly most of them do not taste as good as GROM's gelato. Some do, but most don't. So we kept going back to GROM which has now grown to be all over Italy as well as in NY, LA, London, and Paris.

Does anyone know why GROM is no longer a recommended gelato place? Could it be because of its success?

For the record we still recommend GROM anywhere in Italy.


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