I have a family vacation planned to Rehoboth Beach in August. I have been reading some horror stories about the parking situation downtown during the height of the season. My party consists of 6 adults (1 with limited mobility and handicap plate) and 2 young children (ages 2 and 4). We are staying a little over 2 miles from the bandstand and will need to drive to the beach each day. I am looking for some helpful advice on where best to park and how to best work the logistics of getting around. Thanks.

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I think the key to finding a place to park is to arrive before 10am and to then go a few blocks either side of Rehoboth Avenue. There is almost always parking at the north end of the boardwalk next to the Henlopen Hotel. I do not know if the handicapped spots fill up or not. I think you have to pay the meter in those spots too, they are not free. Do you think you need a beach wheelchair? The City has some on a first come first served basis. (see attached link). There is a parking lot called Deauville Beach. north of the boardwalk but I'm not sure that the beach access would be good for your limited mobility person. RIght now the lot is closed as a construction staging ground but I imagine it will be back open for the summer season. Handicap Beach Access


I will check into the state beaches. Thanks for the reply.


I wouldn't say to drive to Lewes and Cape Henlopen State Park, the traffic on Route 1 can be horrible. Are you coming for a week or a weekend? The weekends will be much worse traffic and parking-wise


Hi Mathew. You will love Rehoboth. If you want to go to the State Park Beaches, you will pay a fee for “out of state” daily visitor (I think it’s $10 or $15 day per car).




If you want to park in town during the day, you can buy a parking pass one time to cover your whole visit. The pass will allow you to park in any non-metered spot.




Traffic on Route One/ Coastal Hwy is worst on weekends after noon. My strong recommendation is to get wherever you want to be by 10 am. Getting an early start is your “punishment” for staying two miles out. Lol. The beach is lovely in the morning, so it’s not a harsh punishment.




People who live in cities are unphased by our traffic. Don’t be too daunted by the horror stories.




For people with mobility issues, I usually recommend the state beaches south of town facing the bay. At Tower Rd beach, for example, you drive in and park right there at the beach. No tromping over a dune. There are even a couple of picnic tables. You could spend the whole day there! It’s very shallow and calm, so it’s good for kids too.


Btw, Melissa, I live near deaville beach and it does NOT look like that will be able to open this year. We will see, but I wouldn’t count on it or recommend it. They are building a pump station there to pump out treated sewer water out into the ocean. Don’t get me started on my opinions of that whole thing.


I know Jesse I pass by it to go to my house. I used to like the natural look of that area and now they ripped all the trees out, changed everything for the worse. And not to mention what I have been told will happen to our sewer bills.


I also suggest the state beaches. It was $10 A day last year but we just by an annual pass for $70 I believe. We use both Cape Henelopen and Tower Beach south of Dewey. We always try to get there by 10 am. We vacation at the start of August and traffic get bad. 10 am is a good time to arrive.

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