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Hello there everybody,

I'm heading out to Crimea in mid-September for a couple of days as a major aspect of a more drawn out trek to Russia. I've reserved a spot through a universal rental car website to lease a car at Simferopol air terminal. The site has organized the rental utilizing a privately based rental car organization, which works in Russia and Crimea. I've completely paid ahead of time the rental charge and extra protection, however, the neighborhood rental car organization requires a deposit to be taken when I collect the car (R10,000), which I comprehend must be assumed by Credit card. I just have credit cards issued by UK based banks and I'm mindful that because of the EU and US authorizes these may not work locally in Crimea. In the wake of reaching the rental auto site that I influenced the booking with, they to have said that I can utilize my UK issued Credit cards for the store yet their support center is UK based and I'm not sure they've checked completely with the neighborhood auto procure organization this is unquestionably right.

Has any other individual leased a car in Crimea since 2014 and did you encounter any issues utilizing your EU or US charge cards to ensure the store? From perusing these gatherings non-Russian Mastercards don't appear to work so I'm taking a lot of money with me to pay for everything, except wherever else I've gone on the planet has required a credit card to procure a car. I just don't want to be caught out when I arrive to pick up the car.

Any data would be useful! Much appreciated.

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It doesn't sound right or correct to me, Rehaam. And I'm doubtful the insurance is okay - UK medical insurance isn't valid in Crimea. You should think about getting a refund, then flying to Simferopol Airport with lots of rubles and renting a car with your rubles at one of the many rental agency desks that I walked past there a few weeks ago. Cash is king in Crimea. You can't use your UK credit card in Crimea, and it's likely too complicated for you to get a Russian based one. Within a few minutes you'll be on your way to a great Crimean adventure. Or perhaps your deposit can be made with cash at the airport. Crimeans are very accommodating, and willing to get business done.




I haven't rented a car in Crimea, but I've talked with a few people there and that's how it can be done. Or you can check for yourself, perhaps by email. It's hard to believe a car wouldn't be available. But check ahead if possible. Perhaps you'd have to wait a day.




BTW, giving a deposit isn't a general policy in Crimea like it is in the UK or Canada, etc. Before and after 2014, my husband and I stayed at a few hotels throughout Crimea, and never once were we asked for a deposit when booking by phone. Recently, we stayed at the Best Western in Sevastopol and the subject of a deposit never arose when we made our reservation.


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