What's your favourite Chinese food?  



I tend to spend 10 minutes browsing the menu, knowing full well I’m going to go for a chicken curry with egg fried rice

4 Answers

Why not go to an Indian if you're gonna order a curry?


Curries have become part of cuisines and cultures found all over the world, developing with local ingredients and tastes. A South African curry is very different to a Chinese curry, or Indian curry, or Caribbean curry.


 Chips, fried rice and curry sauce in a large tray. £2.50 and you are stuffed.


If you end up going to Pokhara, you could hike up Sarangkot. It's just outside town and you can get to the top in a few hours (maybe even one hour). The views of the Himalayas are incredible. Alternatively, you can rent a motorcycle and just ride to the top. This is what I did, because I'm lazy. Taxis will take you up there, too.Many people will spend the night in a guesthouse just below the top so they can get up early and watch the sun rise from the view point. The main problem with this is the guesthouses themselves. They will overcharge you for everything.

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