From Del Mar to SAN airport 8am Friday  



I have a flight that departs at 11:15am on a Friday out of San Diego Airport and I am staying in Del Mar. Can anyone tell me on a usual Friday what the traffic is like going from the direction of Del Mar to SAN airport? Also, any suggestion of what time I should leave Del Mar to return my rental car at SAN?




Many thanks in advance!!!! With appreciation!

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I would give yourself at least 2-2.5 hrs before departure to be at the airport. Leave Del Mar NO LATER THAN 7.45am to give yourself extra time for handing in the car etc and dealing with any unexpected delays.


Saim Qadeer....thanks so much for the advice...will leave by 7:45am.




How is the traffic going airport direction in the mornings on that highway, do you know?




Many thanks again!


If you leave by 8:15am you should be PLENTY early. Traffic on the 5 from Del Mar to San Diego is much lighter in the morning commute compared to the afternoon/evening commute.


Steve Mike

thank you thank you thank you so much! This is exactly what I wanted to know...that is fantastic news. 8:15am is even better for me. With appreciation!


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