Are these places good and safe to travel to  



Are these places good and safe to travel to? Would you consider these places to be good and safe areas to travel to?

1. Brunei

2. East Timor

3. Bangladesh

4. Myanmar (Burma)

5. Bahrain

6. Bhutan

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I would recommend Brunei as the most safe and reliable travel destination.For me holiday is a time when we can spent doing activities that we usually do not have time to pursue. So there are trips for partying, shopping and relaxing


Great what you think about Bhutan ?


Bhutan is a very interesting and beautiful country, but it strictly limits the number of tourists so it is very expensive. It has mountains and protected forests, and its culture is similar to Tibetan culture. It is safe.


Any experience with Myanmar ?

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Myanmar is emerging from a horrible military dictatorship. It has a lot of things to see, especially if you like temples and ruins, like Bagan and the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is basically safe, but I would keep alert for political instability.


Thank you so much for your suggest any tip for me ?


Well if you talk about safe its all  depended My Friends that travel to these places and so far no problem at all.


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