Sarajevo to Dubrovnik via Mostar—tour, driver, or bus?  



In September, my spouse and I will be traveling for two weeks around the Balkans (flying into Sarajevo and out of Ljubljana). We have most of our travel arrangements settled, except for how we are going to get from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. We have our itinerary planned to allow for an overnight in Mostar on the way (which should make it fairly relaxed), however we haven't decided on the best way to actually get to Mostar, and then on to Dubrovnik. Buses are definitely an option we're considering, but we thought it would make the experience a bit richer if we could have go as part of a small tour or hire a driver for all, or at least part, of the trip. This would allow us to make some stops and explore more of Bosnia on our way.

I found this package from Sarajevo Funky Tours that seems to fit the bill exactly—one-way from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik with a night stop over in Mostar. Has anyone on the forum used this company or, better yet, taken this tour? They seem to have great reviews on Trip Advisor, but it's difficult to judge for sure. I've investigated the guides recommended in the Rick Steves Croatia/Slovenia guidebook, but I'd love any personal recommendations (or things to avoid). Thanks!

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Hey, I hope you and your wife had good time. There are few Tours operators available which can be relied upon. Sarajevo Funky Tours is one of them. They have nice and affordable packages.


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