Mostar to Sarajevo - Train or Bus?  



In Rick Steves' Croatia & Slovenia, Rick advises against taking the train, "which tends to be cramped and slow". But the book also says that it is 2.5 hours via train, which is as fast or faster, than the bus. Also, while researching, I found several travel sites and blogs that rank it as a classic scenic train route. What gives? I always go with Rick's advise, but in this case, I'm considering the train from Mostar to Sarajevo rather than the bus. 
Can anyone offer any helpful advise/information/insight?
Thank you!


train may be faster, but trains in former Yugoslavia aren't really best known for comfort. There are some new trains that are okay, but the old ones gives you a sense you're in a horor movie. I would advice you to take the train, just to experience that as well, but busses are more likely to be chosen because they are clean and comfortable.

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It is for sure that trains are not fast as compared to buses. Some old trains tend to be more slow. You can give it a try to at least have train ride experience.

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